“Your Day Is Coming Director Wray!” – HUGE! GOP Rep. Higgins NAILS Dirty FBI Chief Chris Wray During House Hearing – EXPOSES FBI GHOST BUSES!

Back in November 2022, FBI Director Chris Wray testified before Congress on threats facing US national security.

During questioning, Republican Rep. Clay Higgins asked Wray about the plainclothes FBI operatives dressed as Trump supporters inside the US Capitol prior to the doors being opened on January 6th.

Wray refused to answer the question.  Chris Wray is above the law.

Rep. Clay Higgins: Did the FBI have confidential human sources embedded within the January 6 protesters on January 6, 2021?

Chris Wray: Congressman, I’m sure you can appreciate I have to be very careful about what I can say about…

Rep. Clay Higgins: That’s what you told us two years ago.

Chris Wray: May I finish? May I finish? Uh. When we do and do not, where we do and do not used confidential human sources. But to the extent that there’s a suggestion, for example, that the FBI’s confidential human sources or FBI employees in some way instigated or orchestrated Jan 6th, that’s categorically false.”

Rep. Clay Higgiins: Did you have confidential human sources dressed as Trump supporters inside the Capitol on January 6th prior to the doors being opened?

Chris Wray: Again, I have to be very careful…

Rep. Clay Higgins: It should be a no! Can you not tell the American people, “No, we did not have confidential human sources dressed as Trump supporters positioned inside the Capitol… ”

Here is the video.

That took place one year ago today!

This afternoon, Republican Rep. Clay Higgins again had the opportunity to grill Chris Wray about the FBI operatives working inside the crowds on January 6, 2021.

Chris Wray again dodged the question and refused to respond.

THEN Rep. Clay Higgins pointed out the “ghost buses” that arrived for the January 6 protests on Capitol Hill.
Chris Wray was not ready for this!

Here is the transcript from today’s hearing.

Rep. Clay Higgins: It is incredibly threatening to our citizenry if our government’s highest levels of law enforcement coordinate organized campaigns of weaponized oppression, harassment, investigation, arrest, and prosecution and imprisonment of free Americans. That, Mr. Chairman, is the primary threat our homeland indeed faces today…

…Director Wray, last year, you might recall, sir, our exchange regarding the FBI’s involvement on January 6 and prior. I’m happy to jog your memory, to quote, according to the record, I asked you, ‘Did you have confidential human sources dressed as Trump supporters positioned inside the Capitol on January 6, prior to the doors being open?’ You responded, I quote again, “I have to be very careful of what I say,’ to which I said, ‘It should be a no!’ Can you not tell the American people, no, we did not have confidential human sources dressed as Trump supporters positioned inside the Capitol on January 6.

A year has passed. We sit here again, a year later. We, the people, still do not have a definitive answer from you or anyone else in the Biden administration regarding the FBI presence and participation in the months leading up to the November election and in the weeks and days prior to January 6 and on January 6 here in DC. We can’t get a straight answer, although we have a tremendous amount of evidence harvested and reviewed over the course of the last year, which you will see. In September. Stephen D’Antuono, formerly in charge of the FBI’s field office in Washington, DC, testified to the House Judiciary Committee that he was aware the FBI informants would attend the Stop the Steal rally thrown on January 6. You confirmed that the FBI had confidential human sources at the Stop the steel rally on January 6 here in DC, sir.

FBI Director Chris Wray: Congressman, as we’ve discussed before, I’m not going to get into where we have or have not used confidential human sources. But what I.

Rep. Higgins: Okay, we’ll move on… It’s my time. You said no. You’re not going to answer. That’s cool. We’re watching… Your moment will come. This is my time.

Earlier this year, an FBI informant who is reported to have, quote, his, quote, under oath, marched to the US Capitol with fellow Proud Boys members on January 6, close quote, he said he was communicating with his FBI handler while people were entering the US Capitol. Can you confirm that the FBI had that sort of engagement with your own agents embedded within to the crowd on January 6?

Chris Wray (deflecting): If you are asking whether the violence at the Capitol on January 6 was part of some operation orchestrated by FBI sources and or agents, the answer is emphatically…

Rep. Higgins: You’re saying no.

Chris Wray: No.

Rep. Higgins: You’re saying no violence orchestrated by FBI sources or agents. Are you familiar with, you know what a ghost vehicle is, Director? Director of the FBI certainly should. You know what a ghost bus is?

Chris Wray: A ghost bus?

Rep. Higgins: Ghost bus.

Chris Wray: I’m not sure I’ve used that term before.

Rep. Higgins: Okay. It’s pretty common in law enforcement. It’s a vehicle that’s used for secret purposes. It’s painted over these two busses in the middle here. They were the first to arrive at Union Station on January 6, 500. I have all this evidence. I’m showing you a tip of this iceberg, Mr. Chairman. These two busses, Mr. Chairman, painted completely white, these busses are nefarious in nature and were filled with FBI informants stressed as Trump supporters deployed unto our Capitol on January 6. Your day is coming,

Higgins ended with this, “Your day is coming, Director Wray!”



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