WAYNE ROOT: My Latest TV Interview with President Donald J. Trump. Trump Says, “Israelis Died Because of Biden.” (VIDEO)

By Wayne Allyn Root

I just had one heck of a weekend. It started with my 13th one-on-one interview with President Donald J. Trump.

First, let me say what an honor of a lifetime it is to have interviewed the 45th President of the United States (and the best President of my lifetime) thirteen times. I am a S.O.B. (son of a butcher) from the mean streets of the Bronx, NY borderline. “Only in America.”

Now to my interview. I interviewed Trump on Friday. But we had a private in-person meeting on Saturday before his Trump rally in Las Vegas.

First let me say, President Trump looked great. He was high energy, relaxed, in good spirits. Considering what he’s going through (the indictments, the persecution) he is a man of steel. Trump is super-human.

Let’s start with my old Columbia college classmate Obama. I told President Trump my belief is that Barack Obama is the real president of the United States, calling all the shots for brain-dead Joe Biden.

Trump responded, “You could be right. I don’t think it’s Biden either.”

I shared with President Trump the story of how I once branded him as “the King of the Jews” on my primetime Newsmax TV show in 2019 because of the wonderful way he treated Israel…and the way the people of Israel love and respect him.

So, knowing how Trump feels about Israel, I asked him about the Hamas terror attack that killed 1,400 Jews.

Trump responded that the Hamas attack never would have happened if he was still the President because Iran and radical Jihadists feared Trump, but no one fears bumbling, incompetent Biden.

Trump believes Iran is responsible for the attack. “It’s all headed up by Iran, but Biden doesn’t want to say that. Biden has so much money coming to himself from so many directions.”

Trump explained that Iran was broke under his administration. Not only did Trump impose crippling sanctions, but he stopped Iran from selling oil around the world. Trump pointed out, “Iran had no money to prosecute a war.” Trump said that because of the money Biden handed to Iran, and the oil Biden allowed them to sell, Iran is now bursting at the seams with money to fund terrorism around the world- like the Hamas terror attack.

Trump also says he had Iran exactly where he wanted them- broke and desperate. Trump believes within days of his being re-elected in 2020, Iran would have gladly agreed to give up their nuclear program for the right to sell oil again. Simply because of how badly they needed the money. Instead, Biden (or his boss Obama) gave them everything they wanted, without demanding anything in return. So, Iran kept their nuclear program going. “Now look where the world is.”

Trump pointed out that Hillary Clinton claimed his personality would get America into wars. Trump says, “It was the opposite- my personality kept us out of wars. Look where we are now…you might see World War 3.”

Trump pressed hard on the possibility of WW3 and nuclear annihilation. “With Biden the whole world is dealing with a man who is grossly incompetent. Biden is in charge of whether we go to nuclear war. There is a real possibility we end up in a nuclear war. It’s not even believable where we are now because of Biden…Biden is grossly incompetent dealing with China, Russia, Iran, North Korea and getting wiped out. He’s going to lead us into World War 3 and with the nuclear weapons we all have, we will end up with obliteration.”

I told Trump that I believe Obama hates Israel…and since Obama is actually running this presidency from behind the scenes…I don’t believe Biden is truly behind Israel. Trump blamed Biden for the Hamas terror attack in Israel. “He started it. He got it going. He gave Iran the money…Now I guess politically Biden has to say positive things about Israel….all these people died because of Biden…because of his weakness.”

Trump described Biden as the worst of the worst. “Take the ten worst presidents in USA history and add them up. Biden is worse than all of them combined.”

I stressed again that I believe Obama is in charge. Obama is calling the shots. This is the intentional destruction of the USA.

Trump’s response: “When I heard (Biden and Obama) believed in open borders, I thought they were kidding, playing games. Who would want open borders? Who would want criminals being let out of prisons all over the world, out of insane asylums, terrorists, no one is checking any of them. Terrorists are coming in- these are the same people who attacked Israel. And there are also military age males from China. Nothing good will come from this. Biden allowed this to happen. It’s despicable.”

I asked Trump how he’d deal with it? Trump responded, “We’re going to have the largest and strongest deportation effort ever. We have to get them out. It’s going to end quickly.”

Lastly, I ended our interview asking Trump what it feels like as a “Jewish grandfather” (his daughter Ivanka’s children are Jewish) seeing all the open Jew-hatred in America? Trump said,
I’ve been calling my Jewish friends. I ask them, “Are you watching what’s happening? It’s shocking. People are afraid to defend Israel. AOC and her squad in Congress, Rashida Talib… she wants Israel eradicated. Watch the anti-Israel rallies. This was unthinkable during my administration.”

How did Trump end our interview? With a final urgent message, “It’s the most important election in history. If we don’t win, the country is finished.”

Amen. It’s Trump in 2024 or it’s the end of America. Trump is our last chance to save America.

Watch Wayne’s interview with President Trump here:

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Watch President Trump’s shoutouts to Wayne Allyn Root at the Trump rally last weekend:

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