WATCH: Spain Erupts at Socialist Legislative Coup, as PM Sanchez Offers Amnesty to Catalan Separatists – Two Nights of Riots – Big Demonstration Called for Sunday

Socialists and globalists, as we know, will stop at nothing in their relentless pursuit of power.

Having underperformed on the polls in the last election, Pedro Sanchez and his Socialist Party scrambled to find ‘creative’ ways to guarantee its majority, until he found reinforcements in an unexpected place: behind bars.

Mainstream media will tell you how Spain’s acting Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez looks assured of another term in office.

And they will downplay the popular reaction. So why don’t we take a look for ourselves?

Watch: Protestors outside Socialist Party HQ in Madrid: ‘Come meet us son of a b*tch‘.

Sanchez secured the backing of two more regional parties amid widespread anger and riots over his highly unpopular ‘pledge of amnesty’ for Catalan separatists.

Reuters reported:

“‘We have managed to secure a majority that will make possible the investiture of Pedro Sanchez’, acting minister for parliamentary relations Felix Bolanos said in an interview with SER radio station.

The more complicated deal was the one secured on Thursday with Junts, which includes passing a contentious law granting amnesty to those convicted over Catalonia’s attempt to secede from Spain in 2017. ‘We have very far apart and different positions but this deal means we are doing our best to understand each other. Spain and Catalonia deserve that’, Bolanos said.”

Watch: 2 nights of Riots in Spain.

Opinion polls demonstrate that Spaniards reject the amnesty, even within the ranks of the Socialist Party.

As much as 70% of Spaniards – including 59% of Socialist supporters – are said to be against an amnesty.

“After an inconclusive election held on July 23, Sanchez’s Socialist Party spent weeks negotiating with smaller parties including far-left platform Sumar and Catalan, Galician and Basque nationalist parties, most of which had supported Sanchez early in 2020 for his previous term.

With Junts and PNV and the national and regional left-wing parties, Sanchez would win an absolute majority of 178 out of 350 lawmakers.”

The most absurd aspect of the proposed amnesty is to allow Catalan separatist leaders such Carles Puigdemont to run for office again, after he fled the country after a short-lived unilateral independence declaration from Catalonia.

Watch: the size of the crowd in Madrid.

Conservatives decry Sanchez going rogue for his own political gain. Spanish judges alerted an amnesty would be ‘a violation of the principles of constitutional checks and balances’.

“A police group, APROGC, on Friday said it was ready to ‘shed every last drop of our blood’ to defend the ‘sovereignty and independence of Spain’, prompting the Interior Ministry to order an investigation into whether the group breached police neutrality, according to newspaper El Mundo.”

Police fired rubber bullets at protesters, dozens of people were arrested and a few police officers were lightly wounded as officers tried to break up the demonstration.

And the unrest has spread throughout Europe to Brussels, Belgim, home of the European Union.

Politico reported:

“The Brussels’ headquarters of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) was vandalized overnight, hours after party leader and Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez signed a controversial deal to form a government with support from Catalan separatists.

The building was spray-painted with a profane insult and the word ‘traitors’, according to photos posted by PSOE.

The party denounced the graffiti as a ‘vile attack’.

‘This act of vandalism … is an attack on democracy and the constitutional values ​​that our party, with more than 140 years of history, represents’, the party said on X.”

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