Watch Space X Starship Launch in Slow Motion – MegaRocket Detonates 10 Minutes After Launch (VIDEO)

Space X had what was considered a mostly successful launch of the 400 foot tall Starship megarocket today.

The unmanned rocket, which was almost 400 feet tall launched at 8 am EDT for an important test flight. It was a successful launch and both stages of the rocket appeared to have a successful separation.

Space X and Elon Musk have reached milestones in rocket and spacecraft technology that are unprecedented in the industry.

There were some issues that Space X explained on X (Twitter).

About 10 minutes after liftoff Space X mission control lost contact with Starship. It is believed that an automated termination system aboard the spacecraft caused the detonation of Starship.

NBC news reported:

It was a mostly successful second outing for SpaceX’s next-generation Starship megarocket.

The nearly 400-foot-tall uncrewed rocket lifted off on a crucial test flight at 8 a.m. ET, and while SpaceX pulled off several major objectives, they ultimately lost contact with Starship around 10 minutes after liftoff.

Few details are known at this time, but during a livestream of the event, one SpaceX official said an automated termination system onboard Starship was likely triggered and the spacecraft appeared to have detonated.

Still, SpaceX was able to achieve more milestones during this flight compared to its first attempt earlier in the year.

Watch the Starship launch in slow motion:


Spectacular footage shows the booster exploding.



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