With No Chance to Say Goodbye- J6 Political Hostage Struggles with Helping Family Honor His Mother

Guest post by Jenn Baker

I was truly blessed to be with my mother when she passed in 2012, along with my sisters holding her hand while she took her last breath. In 2016, although I was across the country when my dad died, I was able to fly to my stepmom’s side immediately after and then be at his viewing. Afterward, I flew back a few months later to attend his glorious funeral at Arlington Cemetery. These are things that we might not even think twice about wanting to do or being able to do for the ones we love.

Thomas “Tommy” Smith will not have the same opportunity to mourn and support his family.  He is in the DC Gulag being held as a political hostage of the Biden DOJ.

On Saturday, November 11th, Smith’s mother passed away. Although she was Smith’s stepmom, he had been with her since he was 5, she was always nothing less than Mom to him. They were very close for 40 years and had a relationship that had them joking that he was “her favorite.” 

She became ill over the years suffering from back and heart problems, COPD, and was recently diagnosed with sclerosis. Two years ago, Smith built an elevator in his parent’s home to help his mom.  He finished it just in time to also help his father who ended up losing both of his legs.

With both of his parents ailing, Smith never thought he would be away from them or that he not be able to help them as he always has.

However, on May 5th immediately after his trial, Smith was remanded into the custody of the DC CTF and thrown into the J6 Patriot Pod. He did not get to say good bye to his children or his parents. They would now be almost 1500 miles away from him.

Over the past six months, Smith has continued to worry about his family and especially his mom as her health continued to deteriorate. 

On Saturday, he received news of his mother’s passing and he knew he would never see her again.

Smith doesn’t even have solace that his mother will have a proper funeral and burial.

Being unable to earn a living, and having a disabled father, the Smith family is struggling. He also will not be given bond to go to the funeral and say goodbye.

If you would like to help the Smith family get through this painful time, please help here.

Jenn Baker

The Gateway Pundit will share a letter from Tommy to TGP readers in the coming weeks.


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