‘I Can’t Make This Stuff Up’: Retailer Won’t Let Cops Arrest Shoplifters!

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‘We don’t tell big retail how to do their jobs, they shouldn’t tell us how to do ours’

Target, a retailer that long has been socially progressive to the point of promoting controversial alternative lifestyle choices, has been in the headlines in recent months for those actions.

It happened because of its extreme agenda to promote the transgender ideology with its displays of clothing designed for the transgender lifestyle choice.

The moves resulted in negative feedback from a large proportion of American.

Then, as NPR reported, it backed down, generating negative feedback this time of the extremists in the LGBT community.

That was because it had moved some merchandise “celebrating Pride Month” from store shelves.

The report explained Target officials claimed their promotion of the ideology was generating “threats” against its workers.

One of the focal points of the fight, the report said, was a series of products from a company that offered gothic imagery like skulls and Satan, and more.

Also cited as disturbing was its promotion of “tuck-friendly” women’s swimsuits, intended to be worn by a man.

Now there’s a new report out that Target has gone extreme on yet another social agenda – the leftist agenda that includes essentially ignoring crimes like shoplifting.

Multiple George Soros-backed prosecutors have adopted that plan in recent months, to the point some have even declared they’ll not prosecute such thefts under, say, about $900.

It is the Epoch Times that is reporting sheriff Jim Cooper, serving residents of the far-left Sacramento County, accused Target of preventing deputies from apprehending shoplifters.

That’s despite the company’s request for help in curbing an explosion in the number of retail crime cases.

He explained, “I can’t make this stuff up. Recently, we tried to help Target. Our Property Crimes detectives and sergeant were contacted numerous times by Target to help them with shoplifters, mostly who were known transients. We coordinated with them and set up an operation with detectives and our North POP team. At the briefing, we were told by their head of regional security that we could not contact suspects inside the store; we could not handcuff suspects in the store; and if we arrested someone, they wanted us to procees (sic) them outside… behind the store… in the rain. We were told they didn’t want to create a scene inside the store and have people film it and put it on social media. They didn’t want negative press.”

He described the demands as, “Unbelievable.”

“Our deputies watched a lady on camera bring in her own shopping bags, go down the body wash isle, and grab a bunch of Native body washes. Then she went to customer service and return them! Target chose to do nothing and simply let it happen. Yet somehow, locking up deodorant and raising prices on everyday items we need to survive is their best answer.”

The Epoch Times reported he said, “We don’t tell big retail how to do their jobs, they shouldn’t tell us how to do ours.”

The report said Target had not commented publicly on the sheriff’s concerns.

It said, “The sheriff’s complaints about the firm’s shoplifting policies comes as a number of retailers, including Target, have been locking up more items behind glass or using other means to prevent shoplifting. Over the past several years, there have been a rash of social media videos of large groups of people rushing into stories before taking items and running out.”

The Times noted Sacramento was ranked No. 7 among the top cities hit by organized shoplifting gangs in 2022, according to the National Retailers Federation.

Other top cities were Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Houston, Miami, Chicago, Seattle, Atlanta and Dallas.

Some chains have simply closed up stores because of their unstoppable losses.

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