HORROR: Biological Male Player Smacks Female in the Face with Ferocious Shot During High School Girls Field Hockey Match, Reportedly Knocking Her Teeth Out and Sending Her to the Hospital (VIDEO)

Credit: @Riley_Gaines, @DrRandallBock

Swampscott, Massachusetts – A biological male hit an opposing girl in the face with a ferocious shot during a Thursday high school playoff field hockey match between Swampscott and Dighton-Rehoboth (D-R), leaving her with serious injuries.

The boy, who plays for Swampscott, hit the D-R player during the third quarter, with Swampscott leading 1-0 at the time. It was so vicious that the girl’s teeth were reportedly knocked out, and she had to go to the hospital.

Conservative women’s rights activist and former NCAA champion swimmer Riley Gaines obtained a video showing an angle of the awful scene. The incident occurs on the right-hand side of the video at roughly the two-second mark.

The play immediately stops following the male’s shot. You hear the injured girl screaming in pain. Another player seems to be calling the male out for bad sportsmanship.


The girls were so horrified they could not even look.

Sawyer Groothuis was later revealed to be the male player who fired the howitzer of a shot. He is a Northeastern Conference All-star and was the only player who scored during the match, which Swampscott won 2-0.

He appears to smirk while the D-R player is on the ground.

Following the hit, the match was stopped for roughly ten minutes to tend to the girl’s injuries. Shortly after play resumed, Groothius scored his second goal of the match to seal Swampscott’s victory.

The local paper completely ignored the injury and instead did a casual write-up on the playoff match. Notice how the rag also talks about Groothuis like he is actually a girl.

Credit: @gregprice

This incident was made possible because the People’s Republic of Massachusetts allows males to compete on the same team as women thanks to the state’s insane Equal Rights Amendment.

One local superintendent, Bill Runey, wrote a letter calling on the MIAA to revisit its guidelines that allow boys to play a girls’ sport.

I understand that the Mass ERA legislation is voluminous; and therefore, is very difficult to modify in total. However, seeing the horror in the eyes of our players and coaches upon greeting their bus last night is evidence to me that there has to be a renewed approach by the MIAA to protect the safety of our athletes.

Other adults made excuses for Groothius afterward, claiming a female could have unleashed just as hard of a shot. This, of course, ignores the innate biological differences between males and females.

The left, of course, only cares about the plight of females when it does not run counter to their warped worldview.


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