DISGUSTING: Massachusetts Town Votes to Allow the Palestinian Flag to be Flown Over Their Town Common

The town of North Andover in Massachusetts has voted to allow the flag of Palestine to be flown over their town common.

According to WBUR, North Andover voted for Biden by 61 percent, in case you were wondering.

This is an overt political act of virtue signaling, and not everyone in the town was on board with the idea.

FOX 25 News in Boston reports:

After ‘heated’ meeting, North Andover approves permit to fly Palestinian flag on town common

A request for a permit to raise a Palestinian flag on the North Andover Town Common was approved Monday night.

The flag will now be put up until December 7.

At a select board meeting, which had previously been rescheduled due to “threats of litigation as well as public safety concerns,” residents spoke passionately in both defense and opposition to the flag.

“A lot of tension, a lot of opposition,” Salma Boulal, who attended the meeting, said. “If Israel gets their flag to fly in the North Andover common then Palestinians deserve that same right.”

“It was pretty heated…there are those that look at the Palestinian flag as a symbol of hate,” Brian Buzby said.

There was a large police presence at the meeting as a precaution.

North Andover Town Manager Melissa Rodrigues said the application for flying the Palestinian flag was submitted on October 16, just 6 hours prior to the town updating its flag policies.

“The prior flag policy specifically allowed a Town resident to submit an application to fly a flag on the Town’s flagpole, resulting in that flagpole being considered a public forum,” she explained. “The content or the subject matter of a flag cannot be considered when reviewing an application presented under the old policy.”

The Palestinian flag is a symbol of Hamas. Hamas murdered innocent children, women, elderly people and men on October 7th. That’s who North Andover is rewarding with this decision.

They should be ashamed.



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