“Why Don’t You Go F*** Yourself!” – Triggered Massachusetts Politician Yells, Storms Out of Meeting, and Calls for Police After COVID Vaccine Skeptic Accuses Her of a Conflict of Interest (VIDEO)

Lilia Maselli, left, throws tantrum after being accused of a conflict of interest. Credit: Daily Mail

Wilmington, Massachusetts – A local Massachusetts politician had a huge meltdown on Tuesday after being accused of a conflict of interest by a COVID vaccine skeptic.

As the Daily Mail reported Saturday, 60-year-old Wilmington resident Kevin Macdonald went to the town’s Select Board meeting to complain about the impact the vaccines are having on the insurance of the local firemen. He also reportedly made various other complaints about the COVID shot.

Things got extremely heated once he came face-to-face with Town Councillor Lilia Maselli.

Macdonald accused Maselli of having a conflict of interest working for a company that he claims is a risk to the fire department for “gas leaks.” The Daily Mail captured video of the encounter.

The clip starts with Maselli denying any conflict of interest while MacDonald refuses to let her off the hook. In the end, Maselli completely loses it.

She tells Macdonald to “go f*** himself” while yelling and then storms out. While leaving in a huff, she demands the police be called to the meeting to prevent MacDonald from “attacking” them.


Maselli: I’am not at the conflict of interest..,

MacDonald: Really? You represent the town…

Maselli: I don’t represent analogue to the town.

MaCDonald: You represent the firefighters…

Maselli: I do not represent the job that pays my family’s food, house…

MacDonald: You have a nice night (gets up to leave). Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Masselli: It’s a good thing nobody in this town likes you or listens to anything you say.

MacDonald: Why don’t you go get some ice cream?

Maselli: Yeah, why don’t you go f*** yourself! (loudly slams papers on her desk). Go get the police here so he does not attack any of us. If he is going to be here, I am not. I am done with this sh*t and him! (continues slamming papers in the background).

After storming out of the room like a child, another councilor makes a motion to adjourn.


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