Newly Unveiled ‘Suspicious Activity Report’ Confirms Gateway Pundit 2020 Reporting: Hunter Biden Wired Money to Alleged Members of an International Sex Trafficking Ring

The disturbing liaisons between Hunter Biden and a multitude of individuals allegedly linked to sex-trafficking rings have been known for quite a while.

Jim Hoft wrote about that 3 years ago almost to the day, in a groundbreaking article based on material from Hunter’s ‘Laptop from Hell’.

But now, the British Daily Mail is reporting on a new, previously unreported upon document that further demonstrate how shady money from overseas ended up in the hands and bank accounts of people involved in (or victims of) sex trafficking.

Wells Fargo Financial Crime Investigators (FCI) suspected  Joe Biden’s son was associated with a ‘sex trafficking ring’ and ‘falsified’ checks to pay prostitutes.

In the never publicly released ‘Suspicious Activity Reports’ (SARs) reviewed by the Daily Mail, we learn Hunter’s accounts were being monitored as late as December 2019.

The SAR was filed to the Department of the Treasury on December 17, 2019, and pointed out to 25 individuals linked to the suspected ring.

It tracked $1,162,732 sent to Hunter’s company Owasco from partner and family friend, Rob Walker.

Daily Mail reported:

“The Wells Fargo investigators said Hunter withdrew $105,492 in cash from Owasco and $263,978 from his personal accounts between February and November 2017 across nine states – and even made some withdrawals in Monaco.”

The cash withdrawals coincide with period of heavy drug use and lots of prostitutes, as per the document.

“The Treasury documents also said Hunter made nine ‘peer-to-peer transfers’ – such as Zelle – totaling $30,900, including to a female friend of Hunter’s in her 30s previously linked to a ‘sex trafficking ring’ in other Treasury reports.”

This female friend’s identity, a woman once arrested for methamphetamine possession, was not released by the paper. But people familiar with the ‘laptop from hell’ know her image very well.

This unnamed Hunter’s ‘friend’ is linked to sex-trafficking ring in other Treasury Reports.

Photos dated September 2018 show him biting her ear, and pulling on her hair while is kneeling on a bed.

The document states that Hunter’s ‘high volumes of cash transactions’ were potentially linked to ‘prostitution and or drugs’.

“‘Wells Fargo’s financial crimes investigations conducted a continued review of customer Robert Hunter Biden as well as several related customers for funds derived from unknown sources, the unusual movement of funds, and unusually high volumes of cash transactions that appeared related to prostitution and or drugs,’ the investigators’ report said.”

Hunter received unknown sources of shady funds, which funded huge cash withdrawals, as well as outgoing transfers, and outgoing checks.

Some of the checks were split into smaller amounts ‘for no clear economic purpose’.

“‘The overall activity appeared related to prostitution or drugs. The review also found that several customers suspected of participating in a sex trafficking ring associated with Biden continued to have what appeared to be an unusual movement of funds in their accounts’.”

The money goes to Pitula, and then to China, Russia and Ukraine.

One suspected sex-trafficking ring member that Hunter is demonstrated to have sent money to was Ekaterina Pitula.

A 39-year-old Russian owner of a California retail store, she had 25 cash deposits flagged totaling $18,728 in her personal and business accounts.

The money was then wired to a Chinese account of a company called HECNY International Ltd, to another woman’s account in Russia, and to a man in Ukraine.

Republican House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer is finally investigating Hunter’s alleged links with sex trafficking rings – including with a demand of records from the Department of Justice.

Read Jim Hoft’s ground-breaking reporting on Hunter Biden’s link to sex-trafficking:

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