Lou Dobbs and Jim Hoft: It’s Open Season on Populist Leaders in the US and Germany – The Radical Left has Even Resorted to an Assassination Attempt and Public Beatings in Germany

Last week The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft sat down with the great Lou Dobbs recently to discuss the spree of violent and life-threatening attacks against populist AfD members in Germany.

The conversation was posted by Lou Dobbs this past weekend.

TGP’s Jim Hoft described the assassination attempt on Tino Chrupalla the leader of Germany’s populist AfD party. Tino was poisoned last week and passed out after a rally. Tino is the latest AfD member to be attacked by the radical leftists in Germany. The globalist left despises those politicians like Tino who stand up to the globalists and open border advocates.

Jim Hoft says the brutal attacks in Germany remind him of the persecution of Donald Trump and his supporters here at home.

AfD leader Tino Chrupalla was admitted to the hospital after a poisoning. Second-in-charge Alice Weidel is in hiding, Augsburg candidate Andreas Jurca was brutally attacked in August


AfD Co-Chair Tino Chrupalla was in intensive care last week after an attack on him with a syringe in the Bavarian town of Ingolstadt, as Gateway Pundit reported. 

Alternative for Germany (AfD) party chair Tino Chrupalla was attacked with an unidentified object before a rally in Ingolstadt while taking selfies with two young men he later pointed out to police as the culprits, who were photographed grinning as they were detained by police. Antifa terrorists are rarely or never arrested or tried in Germany, since they are protected by the leftist-socialist government.

Chrupalla, an East German blue-collar master painter and business owner from Weisswasser, Saxony, suffered faintness and dizziness and was taken to the hospital under police escort, where he was taken to the intensive care unit over night. The police are now investigating for suspected assault.

While the left-wing media tried to ignore the attack by their Antifa allies, Twitter/X owner Elon Musk amplified a post by Dutch activist Eva Vlaardingerbroek:

Elon Musk is obviously not afraid to speak up for the basic human rights of “right-wing” politicians.  Because of this, the Greens in Germany demanded Twitter-X be censored and silenced.  How dare Elon Musk mention a poisoning attack against a populist AfD member!

Last week The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft spoke with German MP Petr Bystron who is a leading member of the AfD Party in Germany.

Petr described the growing threats against AfD members by the violent left in Germany. Petr had his home attacked by Antifa back in 2021.

The attacks on AfD members is now a common occurrance.  The media ignores the attacks like they do here in America.

In 2019 Antifa attempted to kill AfD member Frank Magnitz in Germany. They knocked out Magnitz and kicked him in the head.

AfD Politician Petr Bystron Speaks Out on Attempted Assassination of Frank Magnitz: “Leftist Parties Actively Encourage Extremist Violence”

This is what we are up against today in America – AND in Germany.

And the state-run media refuses to cover this violence.

Please listen to Jim Hoft’s eye-opening conversation with Lou Dobbs above.

Lou is always on target.

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