Journalist Goes Off on Co-Host Over Anti-Israel Talking Points: ‘I DON’T GIVE A F**K!’ (VIDEO)

Fireworks flew during a recent episode of ‘Rising,’ an online political talk show from The Hill.

Co-hosts Robby Soave and Briahna Joy Gray were discussing the events in Israel and Briahna was spouting left wing, anti-Israel talking points. Suddenly, Robby Soave exploded on her, calling her out.

Soave is a self-described Libertarian who writes for Reason and does not usually express anger in this way. This was an extremely unusual moment.

Townhall has more details:

‘I Don’t Give a ‘F**k’: The Anti-Israel Talking Point That Sent This TV Host Over the Edge

Tensions boiled over during the Thursday broadcast of The Hill’s Rising show when Briahna Joy Gray peddled anti-Israel talking points that co-host and Reason senior editor Robby Soave couldn’t stomach. Gray contends that Hamas’s atrocities against the Israeli people during this heinous terror attack were embellished, casting doubt on the confirmed reports of babies being burned alive and beheaded.

It was done to strip their humanity away, she added. She tried to further bolster her erroneous point by painting with a wide brush, citing some random GOP operative, which is where Mr. Soave couldn’t handle it. Gray interjected that if what this official said didn’t matter, why are liberals facing questions about apologizing for Hamas’ terrorism?

Well, that’s self-explanatory: every pro-Palestinian rally in this country that we’ve seen over the past few days has endorsed the killing of children, the terrorism, and the wholesale killing of Jews. It’s here that Soave exploded at his co-host…

Watch the video below. Stay with it, Robby’s outburst comes without much warning:

Briahna Joy Gray’s Twitter timeline is full of defenses of Hamas and claims that the attack wasn’t as bad as reported. It’s amazing that Soave hasn’t gone off on her before now.

The left’s response to all of this has been downright despicable.

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