Hamas Terrorist Group Turns EU-Funded Gaza Water Pipelines Into Missiles Used to Attack Israel

An old video has emerged by the Hamas terrorist organization exposing how it is exploiting EU-funded water infrastructure, meant to bring clean drinking water to the people of Gaza, to create rockets targeted at Israelis.

The video released last year by Hamas shows the troubling extent to which humanitarian aid is manipulated to fuel terror.

In it, Hamas militants are seen extracting EU-funded water pipelines from the ground and then converting them into rocket components. Rockets produced from these very pipelines have been fired at Israeli civilians in indiscriminate attacks that defy international law.


According to an analysis by The Telegraph, the European Union has invested billions over the past decade into pipeline projects in Gaza and other territories where the Islamist terrorist group wields control. Designed to improve the dire water situation for Palestinian civilians, these projects have instead been maliciously appropriated by Hamas for its rocket-making intended to wage war against Israel.

Over the last ten years, the European Union has been deeply involved in humanitarian and infrastructure projects in Palestinian territories, including Gaza. Among these initiatives is the construction of more than 30 miles of water pipelines aimed at addressing the chronic water shortages that plague the densely populated strip.

This terrorist organization has been in control of Gaza since 2007 and has a long record of diverting international aid for its own violent agenda.

More from The Telegraph:

EU foreign ministers on Tuesday night held emergency talks over aid worth €295 million ($311 million) a year to Palestine after the European Commission announced the donations had been placed under review in response to the terror attack on Israel.

Josep Borrell, the EU’s chief diplomat, announced on Tuesday night that aid to Palestinians would continue, meaning €218 million ($230 million) more will be dispersed to the Palestinian people by the end of this year.

Both Germany and Austria ordered a halt to their bilateral humanitarian support for the region amid fears the cash could assist the terrorists, who hold some 100 Israeli hostages.

But other EU capitals were reluctant to freeze aid, arguing that cutting support would disproportionately punish civilians rather than the perpetrators behind the attack.

Some sceptics of the aid blockade said it could undermine potential peace talks or be exploited by Hamas to claim the West has turned its back on Palestinians.

The bloc has pledged a total of €1.18 billion in support from 2021 to 2024 in programmes for the West Bank and Gaza, which are both controlled by the terrorist organisation.

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