DOJ Reveals Reason for J6er’s Secretive Sentencing – Defendant Samuel Lazar Was Working with Feds – UPDATED

J6er Samuel Lazar worked with feds after his arrest release records show.

Samuel Lazar is a January 6 defendant who served 30 months in prison and who reportedly was working with the feds in their investigation.

Lazar’s records were later sealed by the government for several months after his sentencing.

His court record was unsealed this week.

Video was posted online following January 6 of Samuel Lazar and his female cohort talking sh*t a few blocks from the US Capitol.

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On Tuesday the Associated Press posted a report on Samuel Lazar.

Via the AP.

A Pennsylvania man’s guilty plea and prison sentence for attacking police during the U.S. Capitol riot has remained under seal for months, but a court filing on Monday reveals a reason for the unusual secrecy: He cooperated with federal authorities after the Jan, 2021, siege.

Prosecutors want to keep certain details of Samuel Lazar’s cooperation under wraps, but they have acknowledged for the first time that he supplied the government with information as part of a plea agreement.

Publicly releasing information that Lazar provided could interfere with ongoing investigations, according to a joint court filing by prosecutors and Lazar’s attorney. The filing, which is dated Friday but was docketed on Monday, also says Lazar “named individuals responsible for criminal conduct who may not have been charged.”

More than 1,100 people have been charged with Jan. 6-related crimes, and hundreds of them have pleaded guilty. But it is rare for records of a guilty plea and sentence to be sealed, even in cases involving a defendant’s cooperation. Court hearings and records are supposed to be open and available to the public unless there’s a compelling need for secrecy.

Lazar, 37, of Ephrata, Pennsylvania, was released from federal custody on Sept. 13 after serving a 30-month prison sentence. His cooperation with the government was discussed at a March 2023 sentencing hearing that was closed to the public, the joint filing says.

The Gateway Pundit reached out to the J6 prisoners we know asking for more information on Lazar. We will update this report with any new information we find.

UPDATE: This comes from a J6 defendant who wishes to remain anonymous.

J6 Prisoner: People are thinking too much into this right now until actual unredacted transcripts come out if they do. The headlines of the article say he ratted on j6 people, but the body of the article has no actual information as to who or what was said. If he was going to give actual info, he’d have to take the stand against someone and they wouldn’t have released him. They keep you locked up until you testify. Wait and see what concrete info even comes out.

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