BREAKING: Far-Left CNN Officially Closes Its World News Headquarters in Atlanta After More Than 35 Years (VIDEO)

CNN’s Kate Bolduan dropped a bombshell announcement on Friday, revealing that CNN would be closing its CNN Center headquarters in Atlanta. The decision comes in the wake of declining viewership and increasing financial pressures.

“Before we go today, we are marking an important moment today in CNN’s history. Today’s show will be the final broadcast from the CNN Center in Atlanta,” said Bolduan.

While the broadcaster had already moved its weekday anchors to New York or Washington, D.C., the CNN Center in Atlanta still housed significant operations, including digital and CNN International.

“We anchor the show out of New York, but the control rooms of this show and much of our editorial staff has always been in Atlanta at that iconic building at the CNN Center, also known as CNN’s World News Headquarters,” said Bolduan.

“Starting Monday, our team there will move to a new home just a couple of miles away. But it’s actually the new home is actually the place where CNN founder Ted Turner started the network back in 1980.”

The mainstream media environment has transformed dramatically over the past several years, with outlets becoming more polarized and less committed to objective journalism. CNN, once a beacon of straight news, has increasingly become a platform for left-leaning opinion and propaganda.

The closure was first announced earlier this year.

AJC reported:

After more than 35 years, CNN is leaving its downtown mainstay in stages this year, with the entire operation moving back to renovated space at the 30-acre Turner Techwood campus in Midtown, according to a CNN spokeswoman.

CNN Center for many years served not only as a corporate headquarters but also an international calling card for Atlanta. It was equal parts home to Ted Turner’s original 24/7 news channel and tourist attraction — the network’s logo a fixture of the Atlanta skyline.

But CNN’s move out of its namesake office building has been years in the making. CNN effectively moved its headquarters to New York years ago, and the hulking CNN Center has been slowly hollowed out.

AT&T, CNN’s former parent company, sold CNN Center in 2021 to Florida-based real estate firms CP Group and Rialto Capital Management for nearly $164 million as a cost-saving move. Neither company responded to requests for comment Thursday on how CNN’s announcement will affect the building’s operations, its other tenants and its food court.

CNN’s new owner, Warner Bros. Discovery, is now prepping smaller space at its Midtown Techwood property, which Ted Turner purchased in 1979 to start CNN. Techwood houses departments for other cable networks including TBS, TNT, Turner Classic Movies, Cartoon Network and truTV as well as sports programming.

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