As Many as 25 Conservative MPs Are Reportedly About to Try to Oust Rishi Sunak as British Prime Minister

The story begins with a party – ‘PartyGate’, a meeting of Conservative staffers for drinking and socializing – during the height of the British nonsense lockdowns.

The scandal drove Boris Johnson from power. Liz Truss, his replacement, managed to last only 44 days as PM. With Rishi Sunak the helm, the ‘Tories’ are trailing badly the Labour opposition in all the polls.

Now, one year into his speakership, Sunak could be facing yet another leadership crisis, as ‘up to 25 MPs could be set to hand in letters of no-confidence against the Prime Minister’.

Reportedly, two separate groups of party members are after Sunak’s dismissal: some are Boris Johnson’s allies, and the remainder are ‘moderate politicians.’

Daily Mail reported:

“The loss of the two by-elections on Thursday were seen as the final straw for those wanting to topple the PM.  He has also been warned he is ‘looking general election defeat in the face’ after Keir Starmer’s party overturned massive majorities in Tamworth and Mid Bedfordshire.”

A Parliamentarian who spoke to the British media said ‘it wasn’t clear who these rebels wanted to replace Sunak with, but it was clear they wanted him out’.

“The anonymous source said: ‘I told them I didn’t think the British public would forgive us for changing prime minister again and that it would likely hurt not help our electoral fortunes’.” 

Meanwhile, Sunak is traveling the Middle East, making visits to Israel, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

The PM hopes his response to Hamas’ attacks will demonstrate that he is a competent leader and that he will avoid conflict within his party.

“‘I wanted to sit down with other leaders and talk face to face. Because in times of tension and division, it’s more important than ever to accelerate diplomatic efforts’, he added.”

Sunak is proud of the opening of the border crossing with Egypt to aid convoys to the Gaza Strip, saying that it was an example of what could be achieved by diplomatic means.

“‘The reopening of the Rafah crossing into Gaza is testament to the power of diplomacy, with the US, Israel and Egypt brokering an agreement to ensure vital aid reaches the Palestinian people. […] We’re working closely with Egypt to ensure that the UK plays our part in ensuring those Palestinians get the food, water and medicine they so desperately need.

The overwhelming view I got from everyone I spoke to this week was that we need to do everything possible to stop a contagion of conflict in the region. ‘We need to keep our aspirations for a more peaceful and stable future firmly in our sights as we work together to defeat the evil of terrorism’.”

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