Another Political Assassination Attempt – Pro-Russia Politician Oleg Tsaryov Is Shot Twice in Crimea

It is a difficult moment for Ukraine in the war: the counteroffensive has petered out, Russian forces have started successful offensives in Avdiivka, Kupyansk and other places, foreign aid is starting to dry up with the emergence of the conflict in the Middle East.

At this crucial moment of the struggle, Kiev regime resorts to their old expedient: political assassinations.

It is common knowledge that Ukrainians maintain a website called Myrotvorets (‘Peacemaker’), a vast ‘unofficial’ (but sanctioned) database of people considered to be enemies of the country.

To be listed there as a ‘traitor to the motherland’ is to be marked for potential assassination.

That was the case of former Ukrainian lawmaker Oleg Tsaryov, a pro-Russian figure reportedly tasked to lead Kyiv after Russia’s invasion.

Tsaryov was shot and wounded in a late-night attack, family and officials said on Friday.

Reuters reported:

“Russia’s top investigative body said it had opened a criminal inquiry into the attempt on his life, which follows the assassinations of several other prominent pro-Moscow figures since the start of the war.

A source in the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) intelligence agency said the shooting was a special operation conducted by the agency. The source gave few details of the operation but described Tsaryov as an ‘absolutely legal target’.”

The attack on Tsaryov took place in Crimea’s Yalta.

“‘Around midnight he was shot twice on the premises of the sanatorium where he lives’, said a post on Tsaryov’s Telegram account, citing the family. ‘When the ambulance arrived, Oleg was unconscious and had lost a lot of blood’.”

Russian official Vladimir Rogov said Tsaryov was in intensive care.

“The SBU [Ukrainian Intelligence] source said: ‘He had been for a long time on the list of traitors who have to answer for their crimes. He was not just a fan of the ‘Russian world’, but rather a person who came along with Russian tanks in order to capture Kyiv’.”

Tsaryov was reportedly hit by two shots from a firearm.

Tsaryov, the source said, was ‘in critical condition, with doctors fighting to save his life.’.

He was a member of the Ukrainian parliament, and then speaker of the parliament of ‘Novorossiya’, after Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine broke away in 2014 and began fighting Ukrainian forces.

Several pro-war Russian figures in the ‘peacemaker’ database have been assassinated since the start of the war.

The list includes journalist Darya Dugina, war blogger Vladlen Tatarsky and former submarine commander Stanislav Rzhitsky.

The Guardian reported:

“’Oleg is fighting for his life. After the attempt on his life tonight, Oleg lost a lot of blood’, wrote Vladimir Rogov, a Russian-installed official in the Zaporizhzhia region of Ukraine, which is under Moscow’s partial control.

[…] The Washington Post reported this month that the CIA had helped fund new departments in Ukraine’s SBU and GUR military intelligence agencies that had carried out assassinations on prominent fighters and politicians.

They included the car bombing near Moscow that killed Darya Dugina, the daughter of the Russian far-right philosopher Alexander Dugin, as well as the deaths of senior Russian commanders in Ukraine and the fatal shooting of a Russian submarine captain who had revealed his location online using the fitness app Strava.”

Swift response came from Russia:

Putin: “By its actions, the Kiev regime has actually put itself on par with international terrorist formations, with the most odious groups. It is simply impossible to leave crimes of this kind unanswered. This morning, at the suggestion of the Ministry of Defense and according to the plan of the Russian General Staff, a massive strike was carried out with high-precision long-range air, sea and land-based weapons on energy, military administration and communications facilities of Ukraine. If attempts to carry out terrorist attacks on our territory continue, Russia’s responses will be tough and will correspond in scale to the level of threats posed to the Russian Federation.”

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