“Would be Sad if I Broke this Trying to Prove a Point to an Old Man Who Can’t Keep a Job” – Riley Gaines Obliterates Keith Olbermann After He Launches Ignorant Attack on Her Swimming Skills (VIDEO)


It seems failed sportscaster and political commentator Keith Olbermann has an unhealthy habit of picking social media fights conservative females only for them to humiliate him in response. This happened once again on Thursday.

In this case, the victor was former NCAA champion swimmer Riley Gaines, who absolutely obliterated Keith Olbermann after he insulted her..

This one-sided “fight” was first set in motion by Nebraska State Senator Megan Hunt throwing a tantrum after Governor Jim Pillen issued an executive order establishing a Women’s Bill of Rights. In it, he recognizes the immutable biological differences between males and females while at the same time hailing female accomplishments.

Gaines then responded by slamming Hunt for getting triggered by Governor Pillen’s commonsense statement on human biology and defending actual women’s rights.


Despite not being addressed by Gaines, Olbermann decided to launch an ignorant attack on her. He actually claimed that one of the NCAA’s most decorated swimmers actually sucked at her sport.

Unsurprisingly, Gaines did not let this laughably false attack slide. She mocked Olbermann for his lack of sports knowledge and getting fired from ESPN over two decades ago.

Still a glutton for punishment, Olbermann launched another silly insult toward Gaines and combined it with a touch of Trump Derangement syndrome.

Gaines next response was the equivalent of dropping a massive pile of medals on Olbermann’s oversized head.



Full response:

As I was getting my all-SEC first-team honors down to show you, I dropped it, and I broke it, which would be very unfortunate if I didn’t have more of those, but lucky for me, I do so let’s go through it.

SEC title, second in the country. This is my SEC Community Service Leader of the Year award, which actually got me a lot of money. Oh, another SEC title, an NCAA trophy. Oh, look, SEC scholar-athlete of the year. Believe it or not, I’m pretty smart. Another SEC title, another NCAA trophy. Oh, that’s when we won an SEC championship as a team, some more SEC honors, oh, look, another one. That’s when I broke the 200 butterfly record, the SEC record, which I still hold, making me one of the fastest Americans of all time.

So, Keith, I would be really sad if I broke this trying to prove a point to an old man who can’t even seem to keep a job, but I’ve got more of these, so I’m not. Thanks, Keith.

One may ask why Gaines would even bother with Olbermann considering he is a total has-been. Turns out that Gaines likes to have a little fun.


Olbermann can certainly always be counted on to provide entertainment for conservatives even in these trying times.


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