WH Press Room Contains Figurine of What Appears to Be Trump’s Head Beaten Up

This is a strange story.

But then again, it’s the Biden White House, so maybe not so strange.

A video posted on social media by Greg Price of Para Bellum shows what appears to be a figurine or bust of former President Donald Trump on a high shelf in the briefing room.

“Apparently there is a figurine of what looks like President Trump’s head beaten down in the White House briefing room??? From a source,” Price tweeted.

The figure is orange in color and appears to have been beaten and bruised.

A caption on the video reads, “They got rid of all the cute figurines and all that’s left is this.”

There is no explanation of how it got there or who put it there, but the sight of an image of a former president, beaten and bruised, disrespectfully thrown on what looks like a shelf for miscellaneous camera items in the briefing room of the White House where he once lived and presided over the highest office in the land is shameful.

Imagine the outrage if, instead of Trump, this had been a bust of former President Obama.

“Wow. Sick freaks,” one X user tweeted.

“Looks like someone in the briefing room needed a stress-relief toy. Couldn’t find a stress ball, so they went with a Trump head?” another post read.

To leave the Trump figurine there was bad enough, but the fact that it is so beaten up makes you marvel at the level of Trump derangement that takes place in that room under the current administration.

One wonders if Karine Jean-Pierre comes back there after trying to justify her boss’s insane policies and lets loose on the hated image.

This proves one thing, though: Not only is Trump still living rent-free in their heads, he’s apparently still living rent-free on their shelves as well.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


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