Pete Buttigieg Admits He’s Had Issues with His Electric Vehicle, So He’s Spending 100 Million Taxpayer Dollars on the Problem

When someone asks me if I believe in climate change, I say, “Sure I do. Isn’t the climate always changing?

Here’s another question: What do you call someone who perpetuates fraud, but doesn’t have a clue that it’s fraud? Answer: Pete Buttigieg.

Biden’s Transportation Secretary is a true believer in the progressive elitist one-world-government climate-change scheme that demands your compliance to supposedly save the world from the evils of oil production and consumption.  And, by Jove, now that he’s had some trouble finding a reliable charger for his electric vehicle, he’s determined to commit your tax dollars — whether you like it or not — to fixing the problem.

Buttigieg owns a hybrid minivan —  is that poetic justice in action, a hybrid minivan? — and has personal experience with unreliable EV charging stations, according to the Wall Street Journal.

“We’ve definitely had that experience,” Buttigieg said in an interview. “Matter of fact, had it just a few days ago at a park in town. A parking spot with a charger was open, but it wasn’t working.”

The horror.

“Imagine what it would be like if you couldn’t be sure when you pulled into a gas station that you’d actually get gas out of it,” Buttigieg said.

If the Biden administration’s wildest dreams were to come true and Buttigieg could charge his minivan at will, the gas pumps would all run dry and everyone would own an EV. To chase the delusion, the administration, under Buttigieg’s watch,  is planning to spend $100 million in taxpayer dollars in an attempt to address EV charging station reliability, according to the Journal.

The millions will target thousands of old or out-of-commission chargers to either replace or repair them in order to alleviate the anxiety some EV drivers experience because they never know if they’ll find a charging station and, if they do, they don’t know if it will work. That’s a lot of “ifs.” It could give even the most brainwashed EV fanatic feeling like he was standing at the edge of a cliff.

Poor Mayor Pete. Just imagine if Buttigieg got stranded in his minivan not at a park, but at an out-of-commission charging station in a rural area. The horror.

The Journal cited an August study from J.D. Power that found about one in five public charging stations outside of the Tesla network doesn’t work.  And that’s when you can find one. According to a July report by Michigan news outlet WILX-TV,  much of the country is short when it comes to EV charging stations, especially in rural areas.

And yet Buttigieg said, “Under President Biden’s leadership, America is leading the electric vehicle revolution.” There seems to be a lot going wrong for the lead of the EV revolution.

The solution? Spend billions of taxpayer dollars to build more, according to WILX. A hundred million here, a few billion over there, and the climate will not change anymore. It seems like progressives want everything  — including you and nature herself  — to comply with their demands.

The problem is that nature is far more powerful than the progressives ever will be. Smarter, too. If the progressive left were to actually achieve the goal of net carbon emissions, it would be a disaster, according to Dr. Patrick Moore, co-founder of the environmental group Greenpeace.

“If we actually achieved Net Zero, at least 50 percent of the population would die of hunger and disease,” Moore said in an interview with BizNews. “At least 50 percent of the population depends on nitrogen fertilizer for its existence today. There’s no doubt about that. And there’s people trying to ban it, and Netherlands and Sri Lanka have already made these kinds of moves. So it is truly a death wish in disguise, and the disguise is to save the Earth, which doesn’t need saving, particularly.”


In the meantime, don’t forget Mayor Pete. He’s frustrated. EV charging stations are not complying with his wishes.

He’s not alone. Biden’s Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm is having some trouble finding EV charging stations that aren’t already in use. Oh no!  We can’t have this. These are the elites. Everything — citizens, nature, EV charging stations — must comply, no matter how much it costs or how many it endangers or kills.

In his critically acclaimed book “Fossil Future,” energy expert Alex Epstein asserted, “Today’s proposed policies to rapidly eliminate fossil fuel use would, if fully implemented, have truly apocalyptic consequences – making the world an impoverished, dangerous, and miserable place for most people.

“And even if fossil fuel elimination policies aren’t fully implemented … even widespread restrictions on fossil fuel use that fall far short of elimination will shorten and inflict misery on billions of lives, especially in the poorest parts of the world.”

The progressive left doesn’t like informed people like Moore and Epstein. They see them as killjoys. So they simply ignore them and continue on their way, spending your tax dollars to fuel their delusions of power.

Don’t complain. It might further frustrate people like Mayor Pete. He is determined to stop the climate from changing as if he is some sort of god, though in reality, he’s just a fraud.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


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