New ‘Marketing of Evil’ Illuminates Biden-era Mass Psychosis

Guest by post by David Kupelian 

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For years it’s been viciously attacked as “hate speech,” “despicable,” “the worst book ever” and “serving the Antichrist” – even formally condemned by faculty vote at one university, resulting in lawsuits, campus hysteria and national news coverage. Others say it has genuinely changed their lives for the better, with one conservative leader calling it “one of the most important books of the last 20 years.”

In any event, I’m pleased to announce that “The Marketing of Evil” has just been re-released in an expanded paperback edition including brand-new chapters explaining exactly how today’s truly unprecedented level of insanity, psychosis and evil has been skillfully sold to America.

In case you’re unfamiliar with it, “The Marketing of Evil” essentially explains why and how so many millions of today’s Americans have come to strongly embrace and defend ideas and behaviors that horrified every previous generation of Americans since its founding.

As I write in the book’s introduction, “Within the space of our lifetime, much of what Americans once almost universally abhorred has been packaged, perfumed, gift-wrapped, and sold to us as though it had great value. By skillfully playing on our deeply felt national values of fairness, generosity, and tolerance, these marketers have persuaded us to embrace as enlightened and noble that which every other generation has regarded as grossly self-destructive – in a word, evil.”

The book has had a storied and sometimes tumultuous history, including, for example, becoming the focal point of a national scandal when several openly homosexual professors at Ohio State University brought “sexual harassment” charges against head librarian Scott Savage, a Christian, after he recommended “The Marketing of Evil” as required reading for all incoming freshmen. The gay profs maintained that merely recommending the book constituted an act of “harassment due to sexual orientation.” (Chapter 1 documents, in LGBT leaders’ own words, their brilliant but little-known strategies for mainstreaming total sexual/gender anarchy in what was a largely Christian country.)

The other faculty members were so intimidated by the enraged gay professors that they either voted in agreement with them or abstained out of fear. It was so bizarre that major media exposure by Sean Hannity, Brit Hume on Fox’s “Special Report,” the New York Post, Human Events and others – plus strong legal pressure from the Alliance Defending Freedom – caused the university to cave and drop the absurd charges.

As a direct consequence of being publicly branded “hate literature” and “homophobic tripe” by the OSU faculty, “The Marketing of Evil” immediately became one of the hottest-selling books in the country, topping Amazon’s daily “Current Events” bestseller chart.

‘It changed my life!’
On Amazon the controversial book has garnered over 600 five-star reader reviews, plus a few nasty one-star reviews describing the book as “horrendous” and “truly despicable” and accusing me personally of being a “Nazi,” “scum” and “social blight.” Whatever. The vast majority are much kinder:

  • “Opening this book is like turning on the Sun. … Mr. David Kupelian has written a remarkable book that reveals how the American public has been taken down the slippery slope of moral relativism.”
  • “I finished ‘The Marketing of Evil’ over a month ago. It absolutely changed my life.”
  • “Prepare to see your world with new eyes!”
  • “The way Kupelian writes is phenomenal. … Give this book to everyone you know, you’ll thank me.”
  • “This book has put a powerful voice to many things that truth-loving people in America have felt in their spirits for a long, long time. … I for one am forever changed.”

Pastors fired up
As a result of such notoriety, both positive and negative, “The Marketing of Evil”eventually lit a fire in a place where it was more welcome – the nation’s churches. From small-town churches and prayer groups to one of America’s largest congregations, Christian leaders and laymen started getting hold of the book, sometimes by the case, to hand out to fellow churchgoers.


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