Report: Hundreds of Thousands of Florida Ballots Were Flagged as “Blank” and Later Adjudicated (Updated)

This article originally appeared on “Immutable Truth – Election Integrity” and parts were published in this report with permission.

An update was posted below.


Source: Immutable Truth – Election Integrity


Chris Quackenbush in Lee County uncovered an interesting dataset in the ES&S EL45A Election Summary Results. This find was “the spark” that helped expose election fraud and solve the largest legal problem facing American who were contesting election results.

Chris asked me to help her see if what she had identified in Lee County was going on elsewhere in Florida based on my effectiveness in obtaining data and election fraud evidence via public records requests.

What we found throughout the State of Florida (America’s Gold Standard For Elections) was shocking. Hundreds of thousands of ballots cast by Florida voters were adjudicated as 100% BLANK by ES&S Tabulators.

Source: Immutable Truth – Election Integrity
Source: Immutable Truth – Election Integrity


I have great respect for Chris Quackenbush and Ted Reese, they have true integrity. They are truly MAGA patriots who actually care about the sanctity of our elections. It was their efforts in Lee County Florida to pass a resolution to get rid of the voting machines and do a hand count of the paper ballots. This movement has since spread across the state of Florida and is now gaining traction across America.

The Blank Ballots and the Voting Machine Fraud, is the irrefutable proof that the ballots cast by Americans all across Florida and all across America have been illegally interfered with.

Your right to have a say in government has effectively been removed.

Our ballots are not being cast legally as we intend them to be cast. Our votes are not being counted accurately.

There is no longer any consent of the governed.

The BLANK BALLOTS were one of the keys to uncovering the coup, the key to uncovering how the election was stolen from President Donald J. Trump.

This post was updated and TGP deleted remarks on the Lee County GOP.

Lee County Republican Executive Michael Thompson released a statement on the earlier version of this report. We also heard from a second trusted source and decided to include Michael’s remarks:

The article written about me comes from the same group of disgruntled members who tried to have me removed as a Chairman this past Tuesday and were defeated. I have never spoken to Chairman Ziegler about naming me the Chairman of the Election Integrity Committee if I blocked efforts in Lee Co on election Integrity issues. This is total Fake News by people who attack me daily. I lobbied Chairman Ziegler for the Chair position and was only given a Committee assignment. There is no one in the RPoF that has more experience working in the election Integrity then I do and it only makes sense to allow me to lead the committee.

The work I did at The America Project is actually being discussed at tomorrow’s Election Integrity Committee meeting. The Chair of the EI committee called me asking for a copy of the SOE Survey my team created when I was the Director of Florida for America First, we are incorporating that into our statewide efforts at the RPoF. I informed Chris Quackenbush that I was going to appoint her to the Chair position of the Election Integrity Committee once it’s been created. She took it upon herself to contact the Lee Co Supervisor of Elections informing him she is the new Chairperson and demanding an interview with the SOE. I was notified of what she had done and questioned her why she did that without it being announced yet? She has a very aggressive argumentative personality and difficult to work with. She then proceeded to call me a few days later stating she believes the LCREC is finally in good hands and she is resigning from the REC and wants to spend time with her grandkids and retirement. I moved over to Ted Reese who’s lone focus is getting rid of the electronic voting machines, great! We can work on achieving that but we also need to train poll watchers, educate them on ballot harvesting / vote by mail, monitoring 3rd party NGO groups operating locally, signature matching, public awareness in addition to coming up with strategies to remove electronic voting machines, not just focus on one thing. It’s a committee and people need things to do and have different talents. As EI Chair that person needs vision on a bigger strategy and that’s why Ted Reese wasn’t given the Chair position. In our LeeGOP meeting this past Tuesday I announced to the membership that on Friday Sept 15, 2023 I was introducing a resolution on the Election Integrity committee at the RPoF that will call upon the Florida Legislature to amend the voting laws in Florida to include counties that vote to approve hand counting be offered the opportunity to do so.

Why am I lobbying for hand-counting elections in Florida if any county commission or county SOE approves if I am what they claim? It’s in our meeting minutes that I publicly spoke advocating for hand counting just 2 days prior to this original piece. 

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