Kevin Spacey Is Plotting a Hollywood Comeback – Author Friend Goes To Bat for Him, Expects ‘Good Things’ From Disgraced Star – But Can He Really Get Uncanceled?

When jurors at UK’s Southwark Crown Court found Academy Award winner not guilty for his nine sexual offense charges, I wrote here on the Gateway Pundit:

“Whether it was small-time conman Verbal Kint revealed to be criminal mastermind Keyser Söze in The Usual Suspects, or the corrupt House ‘Whip’ turned into murderous criminal president Frank Underwood in House of Cards, there is a common element to many Kevin Spacey characters: he played the man who gets away with it.

To many, that’s precisely what happened when a London jury acquitted him on his high-profile trial. To others, on the contrary, the truth has finally come to light, and his unfair persecution comes to an end.”

And since them, you see these two different visions at play in the society, in the movie business, and also reflected in the media.

To begin with, Spacey is plotting a Hollywood comeback, after the #MeToo movement struck him hard and fast, sending him from beloved A-lister to Hollywood pariah in weeks, to dwell in the limbo for 6 long years.

A long-term friend, Hollywood author Geoffrey Mark, came to his rescue, spoke for him and said that his [Mark’s] ‘spidey sense’ tells him that ‘we have got good things coming from [Spacey].’

Daily Mail reported:

“Kevin Spacey is one of the most talented human beings on the planet and he needs to get his career back, because we’re missing out on all the wonderful performances he’s still got a lot left in him. So let’s leave all this nonsense behind. Let’s celebrate Kevin Spacey. He’s my buddy — I do.”

Spacey has been victorious in all of his criminal legal entanglements, so he will have to rebuild, to ‘go in a direction we hadn’t considered before’.

“He’s going to do something new and creative because that’s who Kevin is, and we’re going to see a whole new creative side of him come out. Most folks are going to say, wow, I never knew. There’s a lot more coming, good stuff coming, and I’m thrilled to see it.

[…] I think it’s all going to be about the money. If Kevin comes up with something that looks like it’s going to make studios money, they’re going to forgive him. And if Kevin can’t come up with that, they’re going to use these false accusations as an excuse.”

Mark states that ‘even outrage like this comes and goes in fads’. But he is very clear that he doesn’t want to look the other way at pedophilia.

“We can’t say, well, ‘Kevin wasn’t guilty, so therefore nobody else is’. Unfortunately, a lot of people are; just not him. And sometimes we have to err on the side of the children and say, well, we’re going to take it on my chin because we got to keep the kids welfare. The most important thing. I think if this scandal was about anything else, I would say he was terribly unfairly treated. Only because the subject was children, you’ve got to take a stab back and say, this is unfair. But in a way it’s understandable and I’m thrilled that he has been exonerated. That’s fair.”

Pattern? Spacey with Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, Ghislaine Maxwell and Harvey Weinstein.

While some support for Spacey’s comeback has arisen, it is far from the predominant tenor in the press or on social media.

Having been acquitted, should Kevin Spacey be uncanceled? It all started when Anthony Rapp accused Spacey of attempting to molest him at a party, when Rapp was just 14.

Mary McNamara, on the L.A. Times addresses these questions:

“Within a week of Rapp’s accusation, more than a dozen other men came forward with accusations of sexual assault and inappropriate behavior. Some, including Richard Dreyfuss’ son Harry, alleged behavior that had occurred when Spacey was an adult and they were teenagers.

Production on “House of Cards” halted, and in early November, CNN reported that multiple crew members had accused Spacey of sexual harassment and, in one case, sexual assault. Netflix cut ties with its most fervent spokesman.”

In the Old Vic theater, that Spacey ran as artistic director from 2003 to 2015, a reported 20 allegations of inappropriate behavior came to light.

It does strongly suggest a pattern of behavior.

While a jury found Spacey not liable in Rapp’s civil suit over the molestation allegation,  it was not all victories: in a separate action, the actor was ordered to pay ‘House of Cards’ production company MRC $31 million for breaching his contract by violating the company’s sexual harassment policy.

While some say he had his day in court and should be able to move on., MacNamara is not one of them:

“But cancellation isn’t a legal finding, it’s a public-relations phenomenon. Could audiences possibly watch another of Spacey’s signature bad guys, or even good guys, without all the accusations, criminal charges and lawsuits (not to mention those bizarre “Let Me Be Frank” videos) piling up between the actor and his character?”

It is expected that some film or television directors and producers will feel that Spacey is worth the risk.

“But if his past performances manage to rise from the shadows of scandal, it’s difficult to imagine him reviving his career, at least in the U.S., any time soon. His fall was epic and, frankly, exhausting; it would take a solid group of A-list supporters to bring him back into the fold. Thus far, they have not shown themselves.”

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