JUST-IN: Abe Hamadeh Files Appeal Against Junk Ruling in Lawsuit Overturn Arizona Attorney General’s Race That Was Stolen by 280 VOTES!

Arizona Republican candidates Abe Hamadeh and Kari Lake stand together.
Arizona Republican candidates Abe Hamadeh and Kari Lake stand together. (@KariLake / Twitter)

Arizona Attorney General candidate Abe Hamadeh filed an appeal on Tuesday in his lawsuit to overturn the stolen midterm election in Arizona. 

“I will continue to fight to ensure that the will of the people is honored, and that our laws are upheld,” said Hamadeh in a new statement announcing his appeal and Motion to Expedite.

The Gateway Pundit has reported extensively on the rigged 2022 election in Arizona and Abe Hamadeh’s lawsuit to correct the fraud.

Hamadeh’s race was decided by 280 votes after a “significant miscount” of hundreds of votes was discovered in rural Pinal County’s recount results. It is the closest race in Arizona, with over 2.5 million votes cast.

The newly discovered evidence of uncounted ballots and voter disenfranchisement across the state was intentionally withheld by Katie Hobbs at Abe’s first trial. Additionally, “Maricopa did not provide provisional ballot information until after trial, information that had it been timely provided, we would have been able to address those problems we found at trial,” said Hamadeh attorney Jen Wright.

Nearly 10,000 ballots were not counted due to provisional ballot and voter registration fraud.

During Hamadeh’s new trial in May, the spineless Judge dismissed the evidence and voter testimony that thousands of votes remain uncounted due to wrongfully canceled voter registrations.

Additionally, voting machine failures at 60% of polling locations disenfranchised thousands of Republican election-day voters in a race called by less than 300 votes! How do you call this a fair election?

As The Gateway Pundit reported, Mohave County Superior Court Judge Lee F. Jantzen Dismissed Abe Hamadeh’s lawsuit against the rigged midterm election for a second time in May. Finally, earlier this month, the Judge signed a Final Judgment, allowing Hamadeh’s attorneys to file a Notice of Appeal against the bogus ruling.

FINALLY! Final Judgement in Abe Hamadeh’s Stolen Election Lawsuit Signed By Incompetent Judge Months After Ruling on Case – Hamadeh Files Notice of Appeal for Race Called by 280 Votes

Hamadeh released a statement on X Tuesday night.

Statement on Appeal and Motion to Expedite

Sept. 26, 2023 – Phoenix, AZ. Abe Hamade released the following statement regarding filing an Appeal and Motion to Expedite.

“My legal team has just filed our Appeal on our election challenge and Motion to Expedite. Arizonans deserve to have their lawfully elected Attorney General to hold that office, and our state constitution demands it. With the numerous irregularities in the election, the initial trial, and numerous delays at the trial court, it’s long overdue that the judiciary expedite and take our claims seriously that thousands of lawful votes remain uncounted in the closest election in Arizona with the biggest recount discrepancy in history.

Our democracy demands honesty, transparency, and accountability in order to rebuild the trust that so many Arizonans have lost in our elections. Our case seeks to enfranchise over 9,000 voters who voted on Election Day and did their part to have a say in their government. Their constitutional right to vote matters and their votes deserve to be counted. I will continue to fight to ensure that the will of the people is honored, and that our laws are upheld” said Hamadeh.

This case is now in the hands of the Arizona Court of Appeals.


The Gateway Pundit will continue to provide updates on Abe Hamadeh’s appeal.

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