“I Couldn’t Take it Anymore. I Just Couldn’t Take Standing There With Them” – Rudy Giuliani Walks Out on 9-11 Ceremony After Kamala Disgraces Memory of the 2,977 Victims (VIDEO)

Benny Johnson interviewed America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani on the 22nd Anniversary of the 9-11 Attacks on America.

On Monday Rudy Giuliani attended the anniversary ceremony at Ground Zero. Rudy, who led the city following the deadly attacks, stood out from the other failed leaders in attendance.
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Much has changed since the 9-11 attacks on America in 2001. Joe Biden and Mark Milley surrendered Afghanistan back to the Taliban in 2021. And the US has become a police state where traditionally patriotic American citizens are now viewed as the enemies of the state and where grandmas have their homes stormed by FBI goons and are thrown in prison for months for walking in open doors on the US Capitol.

And, Mayor Rudy Giuliani – a hero on 9-11 – is now viewed as an enemy of the state by the Biden regime.

Rudy spoke with Benny Johnson on Monday after the ceremony at 9-11 earlier in the day.

Benny Johnson: You were standing very close to Kamala Harris?

Rudy Giuliani: Well, I wasn’t too close. I mean, they don’t put those of us who had anything to do with September 11 too close to the ones that had the main attention were the ones who weren’t there when it happened, had very little to do with it, and are now making America much more unsafe than it was then. By allowing anybody to come in that wants to come in, namely, any terrorist that wants to come in.

Benny Johnson: …Kamala Harris just moments ago was saying that January 6 is just like September 11. This is a day that will live in infamy.

Rudy Giuliani: It was hard to be there. Benny, what would you have said to her? I’ve gone every year since. This is the year where I couldn’t really stay. I almost felt like I wasn’t being true to the memory of the people who died on that day to be with this group. No administration has ever done the damage that this group has done. I was there all through the Obama administration. I could deal with that. But to have Harris and I mean, these people are allowing an invasion of the United States to take place. And probably more than most, I have a pretty good idea of how the Islamic terrorists are taking advantage of this. Just think if you were running an Islamic terrorist group and you knew that you could get anyone you wanted into the United States, anyone, just pay the cartels who you’ve been doing business with for 25 years, and they’ll get them in for you, no questions asked, would you take advantage of that? You wouldn’t be much of an Islamic terrorist if you didn’t. So they have sold us out.

I mean, they’ve sold us out to China. They sold us out to the Islamic terrorists. They sold us out to the cartels, whether it’s Biden or Mayorkas or Harris. So after about a half hour, 45 minutes, Bernie and I decided to leave and go to a different ceremony.

Benny Johnson: So you decided to just walk because you just couldn’t stand being there.

Rudy Giuliani: I couldn’t take it anymore. I just couldn’t take standing there with them and all the terrible thoughts going through my mind about how they have double-crossed not only the people that gave up their lives that day, but all the people since then that have been fighting terrorism for us. And now we just have a completely open border so that any Islamic terrorist extremist ever wants to come in and come in or so that China can kill even more of us with fentanyl. Why does China have to have a shooting war with us? They can kill 100,000 of us a year without firing a gun. They just send in fentanyl and we take it and Biden does nothing about it. Biden has actually done away with the special unit to focus on Chinese who were infiltrating our organizations and our universities. When I say it’s the strongest bribery case I’ve ever seen, I’m somebody who prosecuted some of the most famous bribery cases of the 20th century. I’m not speaking lightly. I’ve never had a case, benny, with the amount of evidence that you have against the Biden family, it’s so much evidence that the main key in trying that case would be having the discipline to pare it down.

Benny Johnson:  …I would like to spend one more second on a specific piece of incredibly odious and vena commentary by Kamala Harris as it pursuant September 11 effectively standing on the graves of nearly 3000 Americans who died that day, saying that it is the same as January 6. What is your commentary on that, Mr. Mayor?

Rudy Giuliani: My commentary is that there is something seriously wrong with her. We failed to take a good look of what was seriously wrong with Biden and look what we got. There’s something seriously wrong with Kamala Harris, those language soup that she engages in, which almost is like a five-year-old speaking. And that’s not normal. To try to compare January 6 to September 11. How do you even seriously do that? 3000 people just about died on September 11. Could be another 3000 pretty much pretty soon. With the illnesses thereafter, I think we’re at about 2734 right now. People are dying every day of related illnesses. It was a direct attack on the United States of America by a foreign enemy. None of New York City police officers killed anyone that day. In their case, a Capitol police officer killed an innocent person for no reason – shot at death. The shooting that took place, to me is a first-degree murder case that I’d be more than happy to prosecute against that cop. The thing was exaggerated way out of proportion. They said four people died. Nobody died except for the protesters. No gun was used. There’s been no charge of insurrection.

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