Former Texas Congresswoman Mayra Flores Shares Bloody Photo of Border Patrol Agent After Alleged Attack By Illegal

Image:Myra Flores/Facebook

Former Republican Texas Congresswoman Mayra Flores tried to warn the American people about the violence and chaos happening along Joe Biden’s broken border.

The Gateway Pundit reported on an interview Flores gave in September where she asserted that the Mexican cartels now control the southern border.

Flores told Townhall in the interview, “The Mexican cartel is in full control of the southern border. This is a situation that we [people who live near the border] deal with on a daily basis.”

“It’s the best time for terrorists to come into the country, because we don’t have border security. We have a federal government that refuses to enforce the law.”

On Sunday, Flores, who is the wife of a Border Patrol agent, shared shocking photos of a bloody Border Patrol Agent alleging he was attacked by an illegal along the US-Mexico border.

Image:Myra Flores/Facebook

She shared on Instagram, “This is the type of violence that is being exerted on Border Patrol Agents by those who don’t want to be apprehended. The suspect was encountered by Border Patrol near McAllen, Texas. The suspect was labeled a rat by the cartels and fought against the agent until the backup arrived. Please pray for our men and women in uniform.”

Flores also shared a photo of a bloodied illegal who was labeled “a rat” by cartels and appeared to have a marking etched on his forehead alleged to have been done a Mexican drug cartel.

Flores also shared a photo of a wounded illegal who “was labeled a rat by the cartels.”
Mayra Flores / Facebook

Flores stunned the political world in 2022, when she flipped a seat that Republicans hadn’t controlled in over a hundred years.

Although she was beaten in the 2022 midterms,  she announced in July that  she is running again, hopefully with much more support from the GOP this time.


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