An Explosive Meeting: Putin and Kim Jong-un to Convene in Russia (VIDEO)

Putin and Kim Jong Un
Putin and Kim Jong Un. Photo by KCNA

Kim Jong-un, the dictator of North Korea, arrived in Russia on Tuesday, September 12. He is set to meet with President Vladimir Putin, as confirmed by Kremlin sources.

The meeting between these leaders, both subjects of Western sanctions, had been a subject of speculation, but it has now been officially confirmed by the Russian Presidency.

The North Korean dictator traveled to Russia in a luxurious armored train following a journey that lasted approximately one day.

The purpose of this meeting is to negotiate an agreement in which North Korea would supply more weaponry in exchange for Russia’s support in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. This expectation has raised concerns about the potential military strengthening of North Korea.

On the other hand, the North Korean leader hopes that the Russians will provide advanced technology for satellites and nuclear-powered submarines. Kim Jong-un is also seeking food aid, given the economic challenges facing North Korea.

The presence of key members of the North Korean regime at the meeting indicates an intention to discuss matters related to ammunition and space technology.

According to information from South Korea, Jo Chun Ryong, responsible for ammunition policies, Pak Thae Song, head of the North Korean Committee on Science and Space Technology, and Kim Myong Sik, a Navy admiral in charge of planning nuclear-capable submarines, are accompanying Kim Jong-un on his visit to Russia.


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