Democratic Colorado Governor Signs Executive Order Requiring Mass Replacement of Gas-Powered Lawn Equipment

Democratic Colorado Gov. Jared Polis has issued an executive order directing state-run facilities to “phase out” the use of gas-powered lawn care equipment.

When Democrats say they aren’t looking to take something away from you, it is a sure sign that they are indeed looking to take something away from you. Maybe not right now. But it’s coming. And gas-powered anything is high on that list.

Polis signed his executive order on Wednesday, saying that his goal is to “reduce air pollution” and “advance water conservation.”

The order directs state departments to “phase out [the] use of gas-powered push and hand-held lawn and garden equipment with internal combustion engines” by June 1, 2025.

“By phasing out this equipment, the state will improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Electric yard equipment is also much quieter and less expensive to operate,” Polis’ office said in a news release.

The release did not say how much the state will have to spend to switch over to an all-electric maintenance system, of course.

“We are doubling down on our commitment to lead the way in reducing pollution. We are doing our part to save people money, protect water and our planet,” the governor said.

Polis admitted that he wants everyone in Colorado to dump gas-powered tools.

“The state is going to be asking others to do this, and we do want private partners to do this. We want people to do this in their homes,” he said, according to CBS News.

“We’re going to lead the way on this. We’re going to move away from the loud, smelly, noisy equipment with diesel fuel to the lower-cost, cleaner, quieter electric leaf blowers and lawn mowers.”

For now, Colorado is trying soft authoritarianism by offering tax credits to citizens who ditch their gas-powered lawn equipment.

But the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission is already considering banning the sale of such equipment in metro areas, CBS reported.

Polis says the state will save money in the long run by getting rid of gas-powered tools. But the new government agency he is starting, the “Office of Sustainability,” will probably spend millions more.

Readers may recall earlier this year when federal officials floated the idea of banning gas-powered stoves. When the news produced outrage, liberals immediately came out and claimed that “nobody is taking away your gas stove.”

Then, months later, Democratic state officials called for a federal crackdown on the stoves. The state of New York banned them in most new buildings. And the Biden administration began warning that it was coming after gas generators, too.

So, whenever they wave you off and call you a conspiracy nut for suggesting that they want to take things away from you, don’t believe them. They most certainly do want to take things away from you because they know better than you, of course.

Democrats want no less than to control every tiny aspect of your life.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


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