CHICAGO HELL: Three Female Thugs Repeatedly Beat Helpless Man with Metal Object and Steal His Car – Now He Can’t Work (VIDEO)

Credit: the Daily Mail

Socialist Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson’s pro-crime policies continue to produce more innocent Chicago victims.

The Daily Mail reported Friday that three black females from a gang severely beat a helpless Asian man then stole his vehicle. The incident reportedly occurred about 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday evening.

The footage below shows the moment Danxin Shi, a rideshare driver, parks his vehicle and walks the street when he is jumped by the thugs. They strike him with a metal object (which looks like a pipe) and shove him to the ground. He is then beaten repeatedly with the object.


As he tries to protect himself, the females steal his key and climb into his car. Shi then tries to stop his assailants by moving around the front of the car to stop them from driving away.

His efforts are to no avail, though. The suspects drove away from the scene before the police arrived.

Shi relived his horrifying experience in an interview with ABC 7 Chicago.

They’re holding me, you know, three people, three girls hitting and beating me. I have a key and they took my key.

Shi told ABC 7 Chicago he is unable to make a living because he relies on his vehicle for work.

Right now I have nothing to drive, I just stay home because I have no car, but next week I’ll try to rent a car.

Fortunately for Shi, he somehow managed to escape serious injuries and only had scratches on his body.

The investigation remains ongoing, and the Chicago Police Department (CPD) has yet to make any arrests. Shi said that he hoped CPD could use the GPS in his vehicle to track it down.


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