Charlie Kirk and Rosanne Barr Play Word Association Game and the Results are Hilarious (Video)

Charlie Kirk, Founder and President of Turning Point USA,  interviewed comedian Roseanne Barr on his podcast recently and the results were hilarious.

During the interview, Kirk asked Barr to play a world association game and describe a list of people using only on word and her answers mirror what is on the minds of most Americans.

Kirk: Zelinksy

Barr: Criminal

Kirk: Putin

Barr: Scary

Kirk: Elon Musk

Barr: Scary

Kirk: Donald Trump

Barr: King

Kirk: Hilary Clinton

Barr: Satan

Kirk: Michelle Obama

Barr: Satan

Kirk: Joan Rivers

Barr: Victim

Kirk: Of?

Barr: Satan

Kirk: Kamala Harris

Barr: Satan

Kirk: Lebron James

Barr: Cuckoo

Kirk: Tucker Carlson

Barr: King

Kirk: Jimmy Kimmel

Barr: Freak

Kirk: I’m gonna save a good one for last…Nancy Pelosi

Barr: Satan’s Boss


Barr joined Kirk to discuss what is like to go from the biggest name in TV comedy to getting canceled off the face of the Earth. Listen to the entire interview below.


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