Biden Says “No Alternative” But For Congress to Support Ukraine Aid as Zelensky Begs For More US Taxpayer Money (VIDEO)

Spoken like a true dictator.

Joe Biden on Thursday hosted Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at the White House.

Zelensky showed up to Washington on Thursday with his hand out begging for more US taxpayer money and Joe Biden happily provided him with an additional $325 million military package.

Volodymyr Zelensky begged for scraps after he put American journalists on a hit list.


After a bilateral meeting in the Oval Office, Joe Biden expanded the meeting with Zelensky in the East Room.

A reporter asked Zelensky if he’s confident he will get more US aid.

“President Zelenskyy, are you confident that Congress is gonna support your efforts to get this supplemental aid? Did you get any assurances?” a reporter asked Zelensky.

Biden answered for Zelensky: “I’m counting on the good judgment of the United States Congress. There’s no alternative,” Biden said as he walked away.


After the meeting, Joe Biden announced a $325 million military aid package for Ukraine.

“Today I approved the next tranche of US security assistance to Ukraine including more artillery, more ammunition, more anti-tank weapons and next week, the first U.S. Abrams tanks will be delivered to Ukraine,” Biden said. “We also focused on strengthening Ukraine’s air defense capabilities to protect the critical infrastructure that provides heat and light during the coldest and darkest days of the year.”

It’s one giant scam.

CBS released a documentary titled “Arming Ukraine.”

The documentary looks into what has happened to the military weapons that have been given to Ukraine.

The documentary exposed that only “like 30%” of weapons given to Ukraine reached their final destination.

The Biden Regime is just laundering money in plain sight.

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