Biden Makes Excuses for Not Visiting East Palestine, Ohio – Cites His Busy Schedule (VIDEO)

It’s been months since the accidental train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio and Joe Biden still hasn’t visited there, despite saying that he would.

He was asked about this recently and he cited his busy schedule as the reason he hasn’t been there.

The only thing Biden has been busy doing lately is taking vacations.

FOX News reports:

Biden cites busy schedule when asked about visiting East Palestine, Ohio: ‘It’s going to be awhile’

President Joe Biden cited his hectic schedule when he was asked Saturday why he had not yet visited East Palestine, Ohio, months after the town was devastated by a train derailment that polluted the environment and contaminated water.

The president’s press conference in Live Oak, Florida, came in the wake of Hurricane Idalia, which caused up to $20 billion worth of damage in the Southeastern U.S., according to FOX Weather. Biden was speaking about the federal government’s efforts to provide assistance to impacted Floridians, when he was asked about the small Ohio town.

“Well, I haven’t had the occasion to go to East Palestine,” Biden began. “There’s a lot going on here, and I just haven’t been able to break.”

“I was thinking whether I’d go to East Palestine this week, but I was reminded I’ve got to go literally around the world,” the president continued. “I’m going from Washington to India to Vietnam.”

Biden then reassured the crowd that the federal government will provide East Palestine with necessary resources in the wake of the disaster.

“And so it’s going to be a while. But we’re making sure that East Palestine has what they need materially in order to deal with their problems,” he concluded.

Here’s the video:

No one believes him.


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