Viktor Orbán Speaks Inconvenient Truth: ‘Russia Cannot be Defeated Because it is a Nuclear Power’

Guest post by Leo Hohmann

Why can’t the neocons in Washington understand they are dealing, not with Saddam Hussein or Muammar Gaddafi, but with a nuclear superpower?

If the U.S./NATO-backed Ukrainian counter-offensive were to prove successful in retaking certain Russian territories, Russia would be forced to use nuclear weapons.

This was the message of Dmitry Medvedev, deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council.

“If we imagine that the Ukrainian offensive with NATO support was successful and they took part of our territory, we would have to resort to the use of nuclear weapons under the rules of the decree of the Russian President of 2 June 2020,” the former president said on his Telegram channel.

Medvedev was likely referring to the 2020 Russian nuclear doctrine, which states that in case of an attack with conventional weapons that threaten the existence of the Russian nation, nuclear weapons could be used to stop the attack.

The latest warning comes after drone attacks on Moscow over the weekend. And on Sunday, the day after a major drone attack on Moscow’s financial district, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said he’s ready to “return” the war to Russia’s own territory.

Hungary’s prime minister, Viktor Orbán, is also trying to explain what’s at stake to his fellow NATO allies. Watch 2-minute video below.

Orbán believes Russia, as a nuclear power, cannot be defeated and warns against the consequences of continuing the war in Ukraine. He stresses the need for peace to prevent further losses of life, mostly Ukrainian lives.

The fact that nobody in Washington is thinking along these lines or seems to recognize the obvious, is frightening.

Because he speaks out about what should be obvious truths, CNN and the Western neocon politicians want you to think Orbán is “a threat to the international order.”

If the liberal international order being upheld by the U.S. and NATO is one based on moral chaos and a constant threat of war, maybe Orbán should be seen as a threat. He tends to be the only adult in the room whenever these NATO countries get together to hash out world affairs, and now the E.U. Advisory Committee wants to exclude Hungary from the E.U. presidency. The committee cited Hungary’s “democratic deficit” as its primary reason for trying to block the presidency. Yeah, right. We know the real reason is that Hungary is not thirsty enough for Russian blood like the rest of the Euro-Atlantic neocon warmongers.

These Western warmongers will never understand this simple fact: You don’t pick a fight with a nuclear power and expect to achieve a regime change, which Lindsey Graham and many other American neocon politicians have admitted is the U.S. goal in sending endless weaponry to Ukraine. They say they want to degrade Russian power and this would require replacing Putin with another World Economic Forum puppet like themselves, who will join them in their “net zero” carbon foolishness.

In the absence of a peace deal, the only one whose power is being degraded is that of the United States of America and NATO. We are the ones who, through the policies of our corrupt globalist stooges in high elected office, have over the last 35 years been outsourcing our industrial base to China, to the point where we cannot survive a war with Russia and China because those two countries not only have massive nuclear and conventional capabilities but they also out-perform us on an industrial level. That means in any protracted war, we would run out of munitions before they would. This is why I suspect, based on the actions of the Western NATO countries I have seen over the last year and a half, that the Western plan is to make a first-strike nuclear attack on Russia. That’s the only realistic strategy I can see succeeding if the goal is to deliver a humiliating military defeat to Russia.

But who knows, maybe the stooges in Washington, London and Brussels are so deluded that they are no longer able to reason or understand Russia’s historical fears of invasion from the West. Maybe they really are so stupid that they think they can defeat Russia in a conventional war without Russia resorting to nukes. Even if Russians loaded their hypersonic missiles with conventional warheads, think of the terror they could inflict on Western cities. Why is Russia being treated by the West as if it were a third-rate power akin to Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi or Hafez Assad?

Are Western leaders so deluded that they really believe they can defeat Russia and instigate a regime change without things going nuclear? Are they willing to sacrifice New York, L.A., San Francisco, Boston, Washington, Philadelphia and a few other U.S. cities by either provoking a nuclear first strike from Russia or launching a first strike of their own against Moscow? Perhaps they are so driven to depopulate the world and “save the planet” that they have become psychopaths?

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken was asked Sunday which was the biggest threat to humanity, nuclear war or climate change? Blinken actually had trouble answering this simple question. He said they were of equal concern. Nuclear war is no more of a threat to Earth’s inhabitants than climate, Blinken said.

Is it any wonder we are spiraling toward World War III? The globalists who are running the show believe climate change is the most pressing threat to humanity, and it just so happens that their solution for stemming the “existential” threat of climate change is to drastically decrease the global population. To that end they have unleashed toxic death shots masquerading as “vaccines,” and now they are pushing for war with the world’s largest nuclear power. Their climate agenda also includes a war on farms and food-production.

Don’t forget the Deagle forecast.

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