VIDEOS: Determined Mobs of Thieves Ransack Upscale Stores in Southern California – Police Reveal the Policy Fueling these Skyrocketing “Flash Robberies”

Credit: The Daily Mail

Determined mobs of thieves are now taking their crimes up a notch in California and a specific weak on crime law is to blame according to police.

The Daily Mail reported Thursday that a Nordstroms in Riverside was ransacked by thieves on twice within a month.

The department store, which is located on Canyon Springs Parkway, was first robbed on July 10 and again just weeks later on August 14.

The Daily Mail captured surveillance video from the two incidents. The first shows a group of men and women entering the store and hauling toward the handbag and accessories section.

The thieves can be seen snatching the bags from display shelves while others are seen stealing purses. Not even the store security lock devices can deter them.

The second part of the clip shows two men leaving the same store with more stolen goods. Notice that no resistance is offered by store officials.


Then on Tuesday, five individuals were captured on tape ransacking a Macys in Arcadia. One can see the hoodlums placing bottles of perfume in trash bags and then calmly walking out the door.

An employee in the video can be heard yelling “oh my god, can someone call somebody.”


While we all know the Golden State treats criminals with kid gloves, there is a specific policy that causing a rise in these organized flash mob robberies.

According to police, these crimes escalated when the state decided to eliminate cash bail for so-called “low-level” offenses. In California, shoplifting qualifies as one.

Here is what Los Angeles Police Protective League spokesperson Tom Saggau told Fox News:

The elimination of cash bail for these types of offenses is really an invitation to these kind of folks who are inclined to break the law and inclined to do it so brazenly.


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