‘Ultra Right’ Beer Born Out of Dylan Mulvaney Fiasco Now Sending Beer Out ‘By the Tractor-Trailer Load’

A new beer brand that sprang into existence alongside the far-reaching boycott of Bud Light has already surpassed $1 million in sales and can now be found in stores in two states.

When Bud Light teamed with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney back in April, one father decided to take matters into his own hands and launched his own beer — Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right.

In a commercial announcing Ultra Right, Seth Weathers described the brew as a “100 percent woke-free beer.”

In a video released a few weeks later, Weathers vowed, “Ultra Right beer and this movement will never be stopped, no matter what they throw at us.”

Well, apparently, he was right.

While Ultra Right was initially only for sale online, it is now being distributed to stores in Georgia and Arkansas, and Weathers is working on adding several other states to that list.

“We’re sending this beer out by the tractor-trailer load,” he told Fox Business on Wednesday.

“First, they mocked us,” Weathers said in a statement. “They said we’d never sell any beer, they said we’d never get the beer made, they said we would never get distributors, and then they said we’d never get shelf space in stores.

“I’m proud to say, we’ve accomplished all those things in a matter of months.”

Weathers added that Ultra Right isn’t just anti-woke in name only — he’s actually putting his money where his mouth is.

“Conservatives have had enough of woke corporations, and they’re fighting back with their wallet,” he said. “We’re doing our part to fight for the causes that matter to our customers by donating a portion of sales to defeating woke school board members across the country.”

Fox reported that Ultra Right has surpassed $1 million in sales, gained over 10,000 customers, and sold 20,000 six-packs within two weeks of its launch.

And appearing in stores will bring even greater success.

Weathers is right, of course.

Conservatives cannot continue to give our money to the uber-woke corporations that are actively working to undermine our values. We need to seek out companies like Ultra Right that proudly support American ideals.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


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