Study: Paper Straws Pushed By Climate Cultists May Contain Toxic ‘Forever Chemicals’

Climate Cultists like Pete Buttigieg love to lecture regular folks.

At one point, Buttigieg even declared that Americans who eat hamburgers or use straws are “part of the problem” as it relates to climate concerns.

The eco-push to use paper straws has been a favorite to tug at the heartstrings of school kids with their, “Save the turtles” campaigns urging consumers to give up their plastic counterparts.

A new study on the safety of paper straws, however, may usher in a  “Save the humans” campaign.

The study, published in the peer-reviewed journal Food Additives and Contaminants ,suggests paper straws may contain “forever chemicals” harmful to both humans and the environment.

Fox News reports:

Belgian researchers tested 39 straw brands from restaurants and retailers for synthetic chemicals known as poly and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). The study found that the majority of straws contained those chemicals, but they were most common in those made from paper and bamboo.

The chemicals are referred to as “forever chemicals” as they can remain for thousands of years in the environment. The chemicals have been associated with health issues including thyroid disease, increased cholesterol, liver damage and kidney and testicular cancer and can harm the environment as well.

Researcher Dr Thimo Groffen, an environmental scientist at the University of Antwerp involved in this study shared,  “Straws made from plant-based materials, such as paper and bamboo, are often advertised as being more sustainable and eco-friendly than those made from plastic.”

“However, the presence of PFAS in these straws means that’s not necessarily true.”

“Small amounts of PFAS, while not harmful in themselves, can add to the chemical load already present in the body,” continued Groffen.


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