Smoking Gun? John Solomon Previews Docs That Call Into Question Whether Joe Biden Pressuring Ukraine to Fire Burisma Prosecutor Was Actually US Policy

Investigative reporter and Just the News founder John Solomon on Friday previewed documents he has obtained that may undercut Joe Biden’s story that he was following U.S. government policy when as vice president he blackmailed Ukraine by threatening to withhold a billion dollars in aid if they did not fire Viktor Shokin, the prosecutor investigating Burisma, the Ukrainian energy firm on whose board his son Hunter Biden sat on and was being paid over $80,000 a month despite having no knowledge of Ukraine or the energy business.

Solomon made the comments on Real America News Friday morning morning and again at night on Hannity on the Fox News Channel. Hannity described the documents as a “smoking gun”.

“Here is the last piece. I think Republicans have to show that Joe Biden took some action. He himself took some action to change U.S. policy or affect U.S. policy at the request of, or to the benefit of Joe, of Hunter Biden’s client.

And I’ll tell you where I think this is going to show up. We’re going to go right back to where we this started this whole scandal back in March 2019 when I wrote the first story about the videotape of Joe Biden saying, ‘I threatened to take a billion dollars away from Ukraine and son-of-a-b they fired the prosecutor I wanted fired.’

Well, for the last four years we’ve been told time and again that decision was official U.S. policy. Joe Biden didn’t change policy, he was just carrying it out, so the fact that it impacted his son’s company–no big deal.

I think that story’s going to fall apart in the next couple weeks. Stay tuned, we’ve got some new documents we’ve obtained through litigation and though sources, uh, gonna put a whole new spin. If Joe Biden changed the policy for his son, meaning he went against the U.S. government’s recommendations, did something different than what the government expected him to do, that I think escalates
this into something much bigger.

The proximity becomes actual action by Joe Biden. That’s what I’d be watching.”

Transcribed by TGP.

Video clip of Biden’s now infamous 2018 remarks bragging about getting Shokin fired:

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