Riley Gaines to PinkNews, ‘Get Your Lawyers Ready’

Former University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines speaks before members of Congress on Wednesday morning.
Former University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines speaks before members of Congress  (@OliLondonTV / Twitter video screen shot)

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Comment follows claim she was ‘linked’ to bomb threat

Riley Gaines competed for the University of Kentucky NCAA swim team and is one of a handful of women who have been explaining the problems of having biological men, who say they’re women, in that competition, and sharing changing facilities with the females.

So she’s been attacked repeatedly by leftists.

But, prompted by a recent wild claim that she was “linked” to a bomb threat, she’s responding.

With, “Get your lawyers ready.”

Her message was to PinkNews, which claimed on its website, “Anti-trans harassment pedalled (sic) on social media by former U.S. college swimmer Riley Gaines has been linked with a bomb threat at a California library.”

A commentary at Twitchy explained, “Oh look, they’re trying to do to Riley Gaines what they did to Libs of TikTok. To somehow find a way to tie her to VIOLENCE because she dared show what is actually happening in the trans movement aka PATRIARCHY when she highlighted a female athlete getting shouted DOWN at a California public library.”

What Pink News unleashed its accusation, readers immediately added corrections, such as “Apart from the bomb threat happening one day after a speech by Gaines, no link exists,” and “Riley Gaines has never called for violence nor talked in any context about the elementary school that received the bomb threat.”

The Washington Examiner explained the attack by the British PinkNews reportedly was prompted when Gaines “shared a video from a meeting of the Yolo County chapter of Moms for Liberty at Mary L. Stephens Library in Davis, where library staff kept interrupting the meeting, insisting the group not misgender transgender athletes, until they were asked to leave.”

Later, the library allegedly received an anonymous bomb threat.

“This is libel & character assassination. You are the only one inciting violence & outrage by this post, but I understand thats the goal,” Gaines posted on X with a link to the article. “Did you not learn anything from the last time you were sued? Dont worry about changing the article, its already been screenshotted. Lawyer up.”

Gaines was prompted to begin commenting on the transgender ideology being pushed by, among many others, Joe Biden these days, because she tied for fifth in the 200-meter NCAA championships with Lia Thomas, a man who portrays himself as a woman.

He was awarded the victory, even though they tied.

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