Report: Biden ‘Obsessed’ and Irritated, Aides Refusing to Even Address Key Issue

Most people know not to bring up a sore subject.

We teach our children this point of etiquette so that they will respect the sensitivities of others and recognize that stirring up bad feelings has no place in casual conversation.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, such as when someone is professionally obligated to address an unpleasant subject. For aides to President Joe Biden, discussing a threat to his re-election chances qualifies as just such an exception.

However, according to CNN, aides are steering clear of a topic that creates “a level of personal angst unlike any other challenge for the president”: his son Hunter and his various scandals.

Biden is reportedly very irritated by the negative coverage of his son, to the point where staffers are refusing to discuss it with him in the midst of his re-election campaign.

“Hunter Biden is not a topic of discussion in campaign meetings,” an anonymous senior aide told CNN. “It’s just not addressed.”

“There’s deep reluctance … to raise this with President Biden,” CNN’s John Avlon said, according to Fox News.

“I’ve heard reports that he’s very obsessed with the negative coverage of Hunter. He’s concerned about it. It’s an irritant, and that’s understandable, but not one that allies around him are going to want to raise because it will derail a conversation.”

It seems that the Biden team has a major blind spot in the midst of a battle in which the odds are not necessarily in Biden’s favor.

One can only speculate as to the reason for this, but there are a couple of plausible options.

It is completely possible that they are arrogant enough to think they have the election in the bag (maybe because they believe Donald Trump will not be on the ballot in 2024), and therefore don’t want to bother getting into the weeds of such a fraught subject.

There is also the possibility (which, in my opinion, is the more likely) that those in Biden’s orbit know he is too senile to retain self-control when sensitive topics are brought up.

It is commonly known that a person who is mentally not all there is more likely to have irrational fits of anger. And it’s been reported that Biden’s short fuse is already a source of dread for aides.

In all honesty, both of these factors could be at play in the campaign’s decision to avoid conversations about Hunter Biden’s legal woes. What’s clear is that is not good news, optically speaking, for Joe Biden.

If someone has to avoid a subject because he is unable to deal with it, he is not viewed as stable and level-headed. A person who cannot handle bad news, criticism or (most importantly) the truth is, as some would say, a snowflake.

Americans have had enough of snowflakes.

Americans want a leader who doesn’t melt when the heat is on and who can handle tough questions, harsh criticisms and inconvenient truths.

In a word, Americans want a president.

If the Biden campaign keeps ignoring important topics to avoid angering the boss, the American people might just get what they want, and his last name won’t be Biden.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


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