President Trump’s Super PAC Brutally Trolls His Primary Opponents – FOX News Blocks the Website

The world’s greatest troll has once again brutally savaged his opposition and triggered the establishment powers in the process.

Henry Rodgers from the Daily Caller reported Tuesday that President Trump’s Super PAC launched a new website asking fans to vote on who they think would make the best running mate for the 45th President. The obvious (and almost certainly correct) implication is that tomorrow’s debate is for second place considering Trump’s commanding lead in the primary polls.

Natalie Winters, executive editor and co-host of Steve Bannon’s “The War Room,” was quite impressed with the ingenuity, calling the move “the ultimate troll.”

FOX News, which is hosting the debate decided to ban their employees from accessing the website and potentially sharing this creative work of art with the world.

If just one writer decided to publish this information on the Fox News website, thousands if not millions of their fans would get the correct impression of the debate and would be less likely to tune in.

The trolling does not stop with shading the opposition as the JV team. The website shares images and statements of some of the candidates which are absolutely brutal.

For example, the masters who put together the website placed a fly on Mike Pence’s head. Recall that during the 2020 Vice-Presidential debate against Kamala Harris the buzzing insect stole the show when it landed on Pence in front of millions of people.

RINO Nikki Haley is also subject to some pretty savage treatment as well. Look at how the website destroys the former South Carolina governor simply by quoting her.

There are many more examples, including Chris Christie getting ripped for his stances on guns and illegal immigration.

Please go to the website and vote on who you think which candidate (if any) in tomorrow’s debate would make the best running mate for Trump.