Oversight Committee Chair James Comer: “Absolutely” We Will Call David Weiss in to Testify (VIDEO)

Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) joined Laura Ingraham on Friday night after Biden AG Merrick Garland assigned District Attorney David Weiss as Special Counsel over the Hunter Biden multimillion dollar bribery scandal. The Biden regime assigned Weiss as Special Counsel in order to bury and stonewall the investigation in the Biden Crime Family’s multi-million dollar bribery scandal for several years until the 2024 presidential election is over with.

Weiss was already linked to the lawless deal that was offered Hunter by the DOJ. He is just what the Biden family ordered.

This is America today under Democrat rule. Complete lawlessness and a two-tiered justice system.

Rep. James Comer: Well, this is another example of the Department of justice stonewalling and obstructing our investigation. I’ve been complaining about this for months, but yet we continue to deliver evidence that shows of massive Biden wrongdoing and more evidence that shows Joe was right front and center in this from day one. What this does today, it protects David Weiss from coming in front of the committee, which is fine. This is an investigation about Joe Biden. I don’t think we need any more evidence to show that the Department of justice is trying to obstruct our investigation. I think Merrick Garland made that argument for us today. We’re going to continue to follow the money, we’re going to continue to interview witnesses that we know have firsthand knowledge of what exactly the Bidens were doing to receive the millions and millions of dollars from bad actors in bad countries around the world and what role Joe played in this scheme. And that’s what’s important to every American, what role Joe played in this scheme, because we believe that we have a President of the United States that’s compromised because of the millions and millions of dollars his family’s taken in…

…So Joe Biden lied when he said his family never got money while he was vice President. He lied when he said his family never got money from China and he lied when he said he never communicated with any of these crooks who were sending his family the millions and millions of dollars. So we’ve proven over and over again that Joe Biden lied. What I think the evidence shows is Joe Biden was front and center in this from day one.

Laura Ingraham: Congressman, will you commit tonight to calling David Weiss to testify before Congress despite this appointment?

Rep. James Comer: Absolutely. Of course we will. We’re not going to stop. This is just another day in the office for us. Leading this investigation of Biden corruption. They have obstructed every step of the way. They’ve intimidated our witnesses. Look, when Devin Archer was set to come in on Monday morning, the DOJ sent him a letter Saturday and a letter again Sunday. That’s never happened before. Never has. The Department of justice sent a letter on a weekend, and they send two on two separate days for the sole purpose of intimidating him. They have intimidated every one of our witnesses.

Via The Ingraham Angle and Midnight Rider.

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