Reporter Nick Sortor Confronted by Crazed Leftist Stalker During Live Report from Maui on War Room (Video)

A bizarre and scary incident took place during the broadcast of Steve Bannon’s War Room Saturday morning when independent reporter Nick Sortor was confronted live on air by a crazed leftist stalker during a remote report from Maui. (UPDATE at end:)

Sorter was standing in the parking lot of the hotel he was staying at when a man dressed in black and wearing a cap, whose eyes were bulging in anger behind wire-rimmed glasses, approached Sortor from his back and started addressing him by name. This was at 5:45 a.m. local time. The man accused Sortor of taking resources from fire relief victims just by being there to report. Sortor noted he was 45 minutes away from the fire scene at Lahaina.

Stalker, “Hey, what’s up Nick? I’ve been trying to reach you. Been reaching out to you on X (Twitter).”

Sortor, “Um…”

Stalker, “You’re supposed to be uh, meeting with people here. Who do you, what victims have you met?”

Sortor, “Uh, okay, yeah. So this is, this is, so you’re seeing this live right now. People actually tracked, they tracked me down. And…”

Stalker, “I thought you were staying in a tent. You said you were staying in a tent, Nick. You’re taking up resources.

Sortor, “I’m not taking up resources here.”

Transcribed by TGP.

Longer video:

Sortor was able to eventually walk away from the stalker without further incident, but he was rightly unnerved.

Sortor responded to the the WarRoom Posse’s Grace Chong, “This is now a MAJOR safety issue. I’m literally being stalked by people.
Keep in mind i was doing that live shot at 5:45 am local time. That just makes it even worse.”

More, “This guy showed up to my hotel, which is 45 mins from Lahaina, at ***5:45 AM*** I was standing in the parking lot alone. This is deranged. But I won’t be deterred.”

“This dude showed up to my hotel, which is 45 mins from Lahaina, at literally 5:45 am to stalk me. He had NO idea I was about to do a live shot this morning. I’m just dumbfounded.”

Sortor drew the ire of leftists for partaking in a press conference with Maui County Mayor Richard Bissen at a press conference Thursday where he was confronted about the failure of the government to account for children trapped in the fire last week.

Nick arrived in Maui on Wednesday:

Here is the live video from The War Room.

UPDATE: Sorter posted a statement on the stalker incident:

Just HOURS after I began pressing the mayor of Maui SUPER hard about children missing from the fire, I began being stalked, harassed, and intimidated.

This morning at 5:45 am, about 2 mins after I started my live shot with Steve Bannon on War Room while alone in the rear of my hotel, a stalker aggressively approached me from behind.

My hotel is 45 minutes from Lahaina.

I don’t know who this guy is or why he showed up to my hotel at 5:45 am. He would’ve had NO WAY of knowing I had a live shot scheduled.

I’ve even received SEVERAL death threats from “anonymous” users (aka cowards) over the past days, and ESPECIALLY the last 12 hours.

Although I now have to move hotels, get a new rental car, and possibly even HIRE SECURITY to travel around with me for my own safety, I WILL NOT BE DETERRED.

If anything, I will be MORE vocal. Stalking and harassing me WILL backfire—I promise you that.

I don’t trust the Maui, Hawaii, or US governments. They’re all lying. They know the truth, but they’re hiding it from the public.





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