New Details Emerge About 75-Year-Old Utah Man Gunned Down by FBI Agents – Neighbor Captures Footage Showing the Moments Before He Was Killed (VIDEO)

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Cristina Laila reported Wednesday that 75-year-old Utah man and Trump supporter Craig Robertson was shot and killed early Wednesday morning during an FBI raid.

According to reports, Robertson was facing three counts after posting threats to Joe Biden: Interstate threats, threats against the president, and influencing, impeding and retaliating against federal law enforcement officers by threat. Robertson allegedly threatened to kill Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and officials prosecuting Trump in a series of social media posts.

Now new details including video from the incident have emerged which cast doubt on how much of a threat he actually posed.

A vigilant neighbor shot this 23-second clip in the moments leading up to Robertson’s death. The footage shows agents in protective clothing advancing on his door and yelling at him.

After several words are exchanged, one agent then throws a smoke bomb, which explodes near the elderly man’s front door.

At no time is Robertson firing at FBI agents during the incident.


While the actual shooting is not displayed on tape, The Daily Mail notes that photos from the scene show Robertson lying on his back, dead on the sidewalk in front of his house.

Attorney Marina Medvin notes that the FBI is almost certainly not telling the full story. She reveals that Robertson is morbidly obese and would have a hard time effectively carrying out an assassination attempt.

“Something is off about this Utah man story.” Medvin says

Moreover, he could barely walk with a cane and took care of his disabled son.

“Despite his detailed and gruesome posts, neighbors said Robertson was a frail, elderly man who used a cane and not someone they considered dangerous.” the New York Post reported.

“There’s no way that he was driving from here to Salt Lake City, setting up a rifle and taking a shot at the president — 100% no way,” neighbor Andrew Maunder said, according to The Post.

Many conservatives also point out that Donald Trump encountered thousands of death threats yet the FBI did absolutely nothing.

It is highly questionable that a disabled, elderly fat man posed any significant threat to the supposed most powerful man in the world. But like what happened in Waco, do not count on ver hearing the full story.

Conservative activist Benny Johnson also raises an astute point. The corporate media and authorities are quick to pile on a Trump fan but continue to cover up incidents that put the left in a bad light. Note we still have not gotten the manifesto from the transgender Nashville school shooter.


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