NBC’s Chuck Todd Forced to Admit GOP Governor Was Right: ‘And Sure Enough, Here We Are’

Most of the time, leftist news hosts like Chuck Todd would rather contort themselves into pretzels than admit that they may have been wrong about something. And since they are so often proven wrong, it makes for a lot of content for writers like me to mock.

But it’s even more hilarious when once in a while, the truth is so glaringly obvious that even one of these skilled media manipulators can’t help but state it.

According to a Breitbart report, on Wednesday’s episode of NBC’s “Meet The Press Now,” Todd teased a segment about the “growing humanitarian crisis” in New York City and the shelter system, which is being “slammed by an influx of migrants and new calls for federal help. I guess Greg Abbott was right when he said, once he got blue cities to deal with this, that they would be very upset at the federal government,” Todd said, just before they cut to commercial.

On the other side of the break, Todd went on to cover the pressure mounting on Biden from Democratic governors seeking federal assistance from the government in response to the influx of migrants coming into their communities.

Massachusetts has become the latest state to declare a state of emergency due to the influx of migrants, with more than 20,000 individual migrants — not including families — currently in state shelters, including children and pregnant women, according to Todd.

Todd said Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey “slammed the administration for ‘a federal crisis of inaction.'”

“Last week in New York City, scores of migrants were seen sleeping outside the Roosevelt Hotel, which has been serving as a migrant arrival center,” Todd said.

“There’s a lot of background to this story,” Todd said to NBC correspondent Ron Allen, “The governor of Texas had been complaining about the administration not helping for months, and he said, ‘Well, I’m going to start sending these migrants to blue states, maybe they’ll get some action.'”

“He’s turned out to be right about this — that he knew that other governors — it didn’t matter Democrat or Republican — would also feel burdened by this. And sure enough, here we are,” Todd said.

While it may be amusing to see Democrats throw their hands up in the air and admit that Republicans were right about the burden posed by the surge of migrants, the situation itself is far from amusing.

It also demonstrates the hypocrisy of left-wing governors, who are quite happy to virtue signal about compassion and acceptance … until it’s required of them.

Even left-wing pundits don’t seem to be as willing to defend the migrant flood at the border states like Texas now that they have started to experience a trickle in blue cities.

Allen responded to Todd that there seemed to be “no sign that it’s going to ease up” as hundreds, if not thousands, of migrants continue to arrive in New York.

“It’s not like they’re going to stop that. So there’s a never-ending search for where to put migrants,” Allen said.

In December 2022, an analysis piece in CNN by Stephen Collinson, titled “Everyone can now agree – the US has a border crisis,” admitted that the time for “pointless argument” has passed.

The media is slowly admitting it.

Now if only Joe Biden could get there, too.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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