MUST WATCH: Legal Expert David Schoen Joins Roger Stone to Discuss Bogus Indictment Against Trump

In a recent episode of “The Stone Zone,” Roger Stone, a long-time political consultant and strategist, engaged in a deeply consequential discussion with David Schoen, a seasoned criminal defense attorney who notably defended President Donald Trump during his impeachment trial.

Stone has characterized the conversation as one of the best interviews he has ever conducted, underscoring the gravity and significance of the dialogue.

Stone acknowledged Schoen’s competence in understanding the intricate balance between public opinion and courtroom proceedings. The conversation took a deep dive into the pending indictment by Jack Smith’s office, relating to the events of January 6 and the ensuing election controversy.

On the topic of potential charges, Schoen expressed uncertainty about Smith’s intentions.

Schoen stated that he did not know what Jack Smith had in mind, but he believed that if Smith charged insurrection against President Trump, it would put political speech at risk for every American, certainly every public official forever.

“I don’t know what else they’ll charge. Probably their favorite is some variety of conspiracy, some variety of obstruction,” said Schoen.

“They’ve hinted around about intimidating witnesses and that sort of thing. I think it’s terribly, terribly misguided to bring any further charges in this case. I think the charges that have been brought in the other jurisdictions, new York and Florida, are terribly misguided. And when they know that some have suggested it would just further destroy the country, I said that during the impeachment trial. We’ve never seen more divided times since the days of Lincoln,” he added.

Schoen emphasized that the public can only have confidence in a government investigation if it’s not biased from the outset.

“An investigation by the government is only credible if the public can have confidence in it, and the public can’t have any confidence if you skew the deck from the start. We saw the same thing in the January 6 Commission called Special Committee. It’s terrible. You had a chairman of the committee who sued President Trump personally, saying President Trump was responsible for the events of January 6,” said Schoen.

“There’s no wonder why at least half of the country is up in arms about this – and I don’t mean that physically in some militaristic way – I mean really outraged by what they’re seeing from the government. And I think they’ve had enough. And I think, quite frankly, that Mr. Smith and other prosecutors play right into the hands of those who question the integrity of the system when they keep piling on. And now you see what it is, this superseding indictment in this case, picking on two employees, Oliveira and Nauta. It’s just shameful,” he added.

Schoen also revealed his reservations about the proposed legal proceedings. He voiced concerns about the timing of the trial, accusing Smith’s team of trying to rush the process.

Schoen argued that Trump’s lawyers should propose a comprehensive schedule for the trial, taking into account the massive amount of discovery material and the possibility of further indictments. He also suggested that the trial date should be set realistically, not based on the election process, but on the full facts of the case.

WATCH the full interview here and below:

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