MUST SEE: Documentary “Let My People Go” By David Clements About the Stolen 2020 Election to Be Released in October 2023

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The documentary “Let My People Go” will be released in early October—a must-see.

One of the surprises to come out of Mike Lindell’s Election Crime Bureau event last week was an extended trailer for the upcoming documentary “Let My People Go.”

If the trailer delivers an indication of what’s to come, the film may just prove to be the most definitive breakdown of not only how the rigged 2020 election was pulled off, but the human costs associated with the J6 prisoners and investigators that dared challenge the government-approved narrative.

The film features the most qualified experts investigating the 2020 election theft: Jeffrey Lenberg, a former Sandia National Labs nation-state vulnerability expert; Dr. Walter Daugherity, renowned computer scientist; Joe Hoft, CPA and auditor, and author of “The Steal” trilogy; Draza Smith, former Sandia National Labs Cyber/Grid security expert; Harry Haury, Cyber Security Systems Expert and co-author of the Help America Vote Act; Joe Oltmann, System Architecture Expert and Tech CEO; Col. Shawn Smith, U.S. Air Force (ret.) former Senior Military Evaluator for Space, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Systems; Clay Parihk, election systems testing expert and whistleblower; Professor David Clements and professional engineer Erin Clements, who have co-authored one of the most definitive vulnerability assessments of the U.S. election system from numerous audits conducted in New Mexico and their research in other jurisdictions.  Many other prominent experts will be featured in the film.

At Lindell’s Election Summit, Professor Clements presented on the topic of Election Night Reporting, and the undeniable proof that a PID controlled algorithm not only exists in all 50 states, but shaped the outcome in swing-states like Georgia.

Professor Clements has stated “Let My People Go” endeavors to connect all the dots about the rigged machines and software, from input to output, and expects the film to be released in early October 2023.

Because “Let My People Go” centers on many controversial election vendors, the corrupt Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security, the trailer is already facing massive censorship on X (formerly Twitter), YouTube, and other big tech outlets.  Please share the following Rumble link to the trailer far and wide:

Professor Clements will be on “The Joe Hoft Show” Tuesday to discuss the documentary, as well as the bombshell story that he and his wife, Erin, revealed about FirstNet, a nationwide cellular network that connects election equipment, and gives the federal government access to election systems at the precinct level.


President Trump re-truthed the story earlier this week.

Trump Retweet of Cellular Network Connection
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