Mike Cernovich on Trump’s Most Pivotal Year: “Everything That is Happening Today Began in 2017” (VIDEO)

This was one of the most honest and thoughtful analysis of the current political climate in America today.

Mike Cernovich went on The War Room to discuss what he says was the pivotal year in American history – 2017. It started with Donald Trump pardoning serial criminal Hillary Clinton immediately after the election. President Trump was then soon surrounded by snakes who did not support him, his values or his policies. And Trump refused to purge the deep state.

This was a recipe for ruin. You can’t play patty-cake with power-hungry Marxists.

Mike Cernovich: I think the most important, pivotal year in modern American history is 2017. Because 2017 was the year that everything changed and that’s when all the cards were shown, and that the people who are loyal to Trump were purged systematically from the administration.

So let’s take a quick step back, probably here’s why Steve sent you that. He doesn’t bear grudges, unlike me. I’m petty, I’m bitter. I quote, unquote, turned on Trump in 2017 to 2018 because I thought, wow, we won, and we’re getting rolled when we control everything. What is going on? There was a website called Gradian.gov where people loyal to Trump could apply to get jobs. Nobody was hired from that website. Mike Pence threw a temper tantrum about General Flyn based on that phone call that was, of course, we now know, lied about. General Mike Flynn gone from the Trump administration. National Security Council, completely taken over by the deep state regime. One after another, Trump supporters got marched out. They would get a bad article, and including a previous guest, you’d get a bad article on them in CNN, walked out. Johnny Destafano hired people who didn’t like Trump. Johnny McAbee walked out. Why? Nobody knows.

So one after another, they were walked out. And two weeks after Trump won the election, 2016, of course, he said, oh, no, we have no interest in indicting Hillary Clinton. Let’s let bygones be bygones. So if you were making the case for Trump based on the lies that were told by the regime, you would say Trump was the most norm-respecting president in U. S. History. Tweet that out. Trump was the most norm-respecting president in U. S. History. He didn’t waive executive privilege on a bunch of the Obama era memos. He respected that process. Andrew Kloster and others have talked about that, and what a mistake that was. Under the logic, according to the GOP interlopers, who, by the way, didn’t win in 2016, but they showed up after we won, right? There’s a good quote. “The strong do what they will. The weak suffer what they must.” Which is why Trump is suffering. He didn’t show that he was strong. He was showing that he was weak. Another quote is, “people who lead the revolutions rarely rarely end them.” So the people who got Trump in, the people who went on that plane in 2016, the people who got Trump elected, were pushed aside for the GOP establishment in 2017.

All these GOP cuck-servatives came in and said, “Oh, no, we can’t go after Clinton. Oh, no, we can’t waive Obama era executive privileges. Oh, no, we can’t declassify this information because then when you’re out of office, president Trump, they’re going to do that to you.” This is what he was told. Bannon can confirm it next time he’s on. He can watch this clip. Because I know whenever I come in the war room, people complain. I read Telegram messages, and I love it. I absorb it. I love the hate that I get in the Telegram War Room channel  whenever I go on, they get so mad. And I go, okay, show the lie. Next time Bannon is on, show the lie. What did I lie about? What did I get wrong? What was factually incorrect? Everything’s factually correct.

So we win. And then they go, “Okay, thanks for the help. We’re going to put Reince in here. We’re going to run this like a cuck administration. We’re not going to hand over the Obama-era memos because we’re not going to waive executive privilege.” But then, of course, in all these court cases, Biden has waived executive privilege.

As for Trump, everything that’s happening today began in 2017.

This is good advice.
Trump should have had more visits by Cernovich to the White House and less visits by Lindsey Graham and other snakes.

Maybe next time he will surround himself with tough realists and loyalists.

Via The War Room:

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