Meat Grinder: Ukraine Now Losing 800 Men a Day – “We Lost 3 Leopards Because They Were Told to Drive into a Minefield”

Russia displays captured US Humvee at Army 2023 convention outside Moscow


The massacre of Ukrainian conscripts continues in the pointless US proxy war on the Ukraine Front, with over 800 casualties a day in the last five days, according to Russian claims. Even ABC had to admit that Ukraine has been taking “heavy casualties in its counteroffensive.“

On August 4, the Russian Ministry of Defense claimed that Ukraine had suffered 43,000 casualties in the first two months of the “counter-offensive”, as Gateway reported. Since then, Ukraine has lost at least 10,000 additional men, according to the daily figures released by the Russian Ministry of Defense. The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense does not release casualties.

On the weekend of Aug. 5-6, Ukraine lost 2,040 men, Russia claimed. Since then, losses have been 8,570, including 4,215 in the last five days alone, according to Russian claims: 845 on Aug. 14, 735 on Aug. 15, 890 on Aug. 16, 810 on Aug. 17 and 935 yesterday.

That would put total Ukrainian losses, which observers like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. estimated at 350,000 before the start of the much-vaunted “Spring Offensive,” at over 400,000.


The Ukraine Ministry of Defense claims that Russia has lost 256,510 men since the beginning of the war. Other estimates put the figure at 50,000.


Russian President Vladimir Putin claims that 10 times as many Ukrainians are dying as Russians.

Even ABC News was forced to admit that “there is mounting evidence that Ukraine has been taking heavy casualties in its counteroffensive,” which began June 4.

“ABC News spoke with two former U.S. soldiers who are contracted in a special forces division of the Ukrainian military and who were both injured during an operation in eastern Ukraine two weeks ago,” the outlet reported. “Both soldiers are currently in a hospital in Kyiv but said they hope to be transferred to Germany for surgery this week in order to remove shrapnel from their bodies.”

One of the men, a former U.S. soldier from Texas who goes by callsign “Tango,” said his unit took “85% casualties”. Forty percent of the unit was so badly injured they were rendered combat ineffective, he said.

Another Western PMC told ABC that Ukrainians offensive operations were “disorganized.“

“We lost three (German-made) Leopards  in one day because they were just told to drive forward into a minefield,” the anonymous PMC said.

“It was definitely a very professional force that we were fighting against,” Tango told ABC, noting that newly mobilized Ukrainian soldiers often appeared to lack the necessary training for complicated offensive operations on the battlefield.

Tango joined the Ukrainian military more than a year ago, and said that  80% of his battalion had been injured, but there were no fatalities. He told ABC western military equipment was “not being used to their full potential because Ukrainian soldiers didn’t have the necessary training or experience,” ABC reported.

“It seems like they (Ukrainian soldiers) have been taught to use them but not to employ them (effectively) in a tactical sense (on the battlefield),” he said.

A senior Ukrainian official told ABC the situation was “really tough” and that 80% of casualties were caused by Russian artillery.

The New York Times reported that “nearly 500,000 Ukrainian and Russian soldiers have been wounded or killed in the war, citing “unnamed officials.”

However, the NYT claims that Russian losses are higher, with “120,000 deaths and 170,000 to 180,000 injuries.” Ukrainian deaths were “close to 70,000, with 100,000 to 120,000 wounded,” the New York Times claimed.

Russia displays bullet-riddled US M113 APC at Army 2023 convention


Russia displayed captured Western equipment at their Army 2023 convention outside Moscow, including a US Humvee, a U.S.-manufactured M113 APC, a Swedish-manufactured CV90-40 IFV, and a French-manufactured AMX-10RCR wheeled tank.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova advised Ukrainian soldiers to surrender:  “We strongly recommend Ukrainian servicemen who are convinced of the criminal nature of the bandit junta that has seized their country to either turn their weapons against it or surrender to our forces.”

Officials in Washington and Europe said Friday that the United States had given its approval for the Netherlands and Denmark to deliver F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine — a tacit admission the Ukrainian “counter-offensive” has been a disaster with no air superiority.

British Admiral Tony Radakin called speculation the losses could bring down the government of Russian President Vladimir Putin was just “wishful thinking.”

“I think some of the comments that he’s not well or that actually surely somebody’s going to assassinate him or take him out, I think they’re wishful thinking,” he said of Putin. “As military professionals, we see a relatively stable regime in Russia. President Putin has been able to quash any opposition. We see a hierarchy that is invested in President Putin and so nobody at the top has got the motivation to challenge President Putin,” Radakin added.

YouTube deleted the channel of former UN weapons inspector, US Marine Corps intelligence officer and pro-Russian analyst Maj. Scott Ritter.


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