Major League Baseball Launches Biometric Face Scans to Identify Fans at Increasing Number of Ballparks: Philadelphia Phillies joining New York Mets, Cleveland Guardians; More Coming

Phillie fans cheer a home run at Citizens Bank Park where they are using face scanners on willing fans.

Guest post by Leo Hohmann

Earlier this week I posted an article giving a comprehensive look at what life will be like after the globalists succeed in getting all of humanity outfitted with digital ID’s. I laid out the progression of how it will start out as completely “voluntary” with only the most techno-hip young people signing up to have their eyeballs and faces scanned at the point of entry into various modes of society — airplanes, buses, trains, concerts and sports stadiums.

But, little by little, the pressure will build for everyone to join the new means of universal digital identification, with governments and corporations switching in their approach from the carrot to the stick — just like they did with the toxic gene-therapy injections in 2021 and 2022. They promised they would never be mandatory, until they were. Take one, take two, or give up your job. Take one, or forego certain medical treatments.

Today there’s an article at Biometric Update that provides an example of how this process is already in play. The headline reads, “Philadelphia Phillies lead off facial recognition access pilot for Big League Baseball.”


In the below excerpt from the article, note that the pilot program based on identifying everyone by their facial scan will be expanded next season to include most or all Major League baseball parks. This is the beginning of the process whereby nobody will be allowed to enter such venues without a biometric digital ID.

By Chris Burt, BiometricUpdate

The Philadelphia Phillies of Major League Baseball (MLB) are launching ticketless stadium entry with facial recognition.

Fans can register to use the service at dedicated lanes by submitting a selfie through the MLB Ballpark app. The images are converted into biometric templates and then deleted. Fans do not need to scan a ticket or their phone when entering. Security screening is carried out separately but simultaneously, reports KYW Newsradio.

Groups can use the dedicated lane, as long as the person holding all the tickets is enrolled in the service. Only fans 18 years of age or older can enroll their face biometrics. The app also provides an option for users to “un-enroll.”

Go-Ahead Entry” is a pilot program initiated by the MLB, and launching at Citizens Bank Ballpark on Monday, August 21. MLB plans to expand the system to other ballparks next season.

Philadelphia marks the third Major League ballpark to use biometric facial ID to digitally identify those who enter the stadium. Facial recognition is reportedly already being used for entry to New York Mets’ games with a service provided by Wicket, while a program called Clear is used for biometric entry to baseball games in Cleveland and elsewhere. They call it “ticketless” or “frictionless” entry. All so nice and convenient. It’s all for your safety, of course. Don’t forget that. Safety, security and convenience, as we march on toward a total surveillance state where no one moves anywhere without pre-approval.

Major League Baseball is testing the waters. They want to see how many of their fans will voluntarily sign up for this invasive global digital ID program, and if enough of them do sign up, they will make it mandatory within a couple of years. You won’t be able to attend a ballgame without being digitally marked. It will work the same for concerts, airlines, public transport of any kind, and eventually even shopping malls and grocery stores.

Any baseball fan who opts to participate in this, whether out of fear, convenience, or pure ignorance, is enabling the advancing beast system. is 100 percent reader supported and not dependent on any government or corporate money for its existence, which allows me to independently present news and analysis. If you’d like to support my work, you may do so by sending a donation of any size c/o Leo Hohmann, P.O. Box 291, Newnan, GA 30291, or via credit card here.

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