Leftist “The Office” Actor Gets Roasted for His Arrogant Tweet on Oliver Anthony’s History-Making “Rich Men North of Richmond” Song

Credit: The Office NBC Screenshot

The success of ordinary blue-collar individuals has a tendency to bring out liberal haters everywhere.

As The Gateway Pundit has previously reported, Virginia native Oliver Anthony became an overnight sensation when his epic country song “Rich Men North of Richmond” went viral two weeks ago.

In the song, Anthony emotionally speaks to America’s forgotten people who are struggling to make ends meet and also calls out the ruling class for ignoring their plight. This is a similar message President Trump has effectively disseminated for years, particularly during the 2016 election.

The song’s heartfelt lyrics have caused grown people of all races to cry and applaud when they listen. Because of this, it’s no wonder Anthony has made U.S. chart history as the first artist to debut at top of Billboard Hot 100 despite having no prior chart history.

Of course, Anthony’s success has made leftists nationwide envious and they are now mocking his breakout hit.

Rainn Wilson, a liberal actor best known for his role as Dwight Schrute in “The Office,” posted a message on X (formally Twitter) talking about how he would have rewritten “Rich Men North of Richmond.” In the process, Wilson took a vulgar cheap shot against the hit song and managed to completely miss the entire point of it.

If I were writing a song about “rich men north of richmond” I wouldnt talk about obese people on welfare, I’d sing about CEOs who make 400 times their average workers salary (up from 50 times 30 years ago) & corps that pay zero taxes & offshore tax shelters for billionaires.

Unsurprisingly, conservatives completely obliterated Wilson for his clueless, arrogant hot take. Note how many point out that his extreme wealth is likely clouding his judgement.


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